Thursday, August 10, 2006


It has been several days since I posted. Mostly because I have been not in a good place. These last days have been tough. Why, because no matter what you know, what you read, and what others tell you, if you have a baby crying for what you think is no reason, you are bound to think it is something you have done incorrectly and that is why your baby is acting crazy. This has been my problem over the last couple of days. (Despite this I have showered everyday this week!) It had gotten so bad that Eric stayed home with me yesterday, he sensed I was going insane. The day before that started out as a good day, Gwen was happy, seemingly well adjusted and during 'tummy time' she rolled from her belly to her back, twice! I had thought it was a fluke before, but 2x in one session!? That can not be a fluke. I almost got a picture. I was so excited. After that the content baby became a fuss bucket, the likes of which brought me to my knees. Yesterday, Eric understood why I am so tired by the end of the day no matter how much I sleep. It is rather draining. While we were in the middle of a feeding section I started doing more reading in one of my books. It was a section on fussy/colicky/high-need babies. This section described the Gwen we have been dealing with. High-need, likes to be held, cuddled and often wants to feed frequently. AH! Eric and I were astounded to read something that describes her so perfectly! This explains why during the day, when I try to put her down for a nap she often wakes up immediately after we put her down (even if I wait until she is in "deep sleep"). But, just to be sure it is not a food allergy I have stopped eating diary and wheat. We will see if that helps any. I tell you just my luck she would have a problem with cheese and onions. I don't think I will be able to make us dinner, Eric says it is not a meal I have cooked without one or both of those items. Her baby acne has gotten pretty bad and it makes me want to go to the store and buy acne cream, but I know the harsh chemicals would not help. It is not a huge surprise that a child of mine has a skin problem, my excema has been flaring up on my hands for quite some time now. Apparently the best thing for high needs babies is to put them in the sling and go about your day. I have been trying that, but frankly she is not so conducive to the sling, if she is unhappy when I put her in there. So, I guess I should try it out now, when I have calm and sleeping. They also suggest baby massage. I guess I will have to try that also. I don't have any baby oil, but I think they also suggested olive oil, um, for sure I will have to recheck on that b/c I am not sure I am ready to slather Gwen in olive oil! I'll let you know how this evening goes.

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