Friday, November 23, 2012

Movin' on

I've decided to ditch the blogger, well maybe not ditch it, but move posting to another site, where I don't have to worry about uploading, or how much space I have left for pictures.  So the new site, is here.
I've already posted, so go check it out!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


About 6.5 years ago I started this blog, I didn't tell anyone, but I thought my Dad would really enjoy looking at the pictures. My Dad really enjoyed all things technological (yes, it is a word). So I know he would have really enjoyed looking at the blog. Sadly, I never got a chance to tell him about it. So, in honor of his birthday, it seems like I should do a little update. It seems like a long time since I've just gotten on here and told you how it is going here. We are doing well. Gwen just got her first report card for the first grade. And we had conferences, Gwen is doing well. Since then she seems to have the "click" that comes with learning to read. She is reading all the time now, and she is no longer sounding out words. She isn't perfect yet, but she is doing really well. We have some things to work on with her, like using silverware and being respectful to every one in our family. She has also developed a fear of the dark and other random fears. When she isn't dealing with her random fears she is a sweet girl and we are very proud of her.  She also has 3 lose teeth, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top.  I should really start a pool for the teeth and if when they will ever come out and which one will be first.  Seriously, the bottom tooth is hanging by a thread!  But at this point I think the top one will just fall out first!

We also had a conference with Nate's teacher. He is also doing well. Better than we were expected. We weren't sure how he would be in school, he doesn't listen real well at home and he often forgets our rules and to do what he wants. We've been real pleased to find out that he is very good at school, he doesn't get into trouble, is real sweet and smart. (ok, the teacher didn't say that, but one of the subs told me he is smart!) He loves school and was supposed to be child of the week this week, but he has been sick, so he missed the last 2 days of school and Mother-Son bowling.   I think we'd be pretty disappointed by that, if he wasn't so tired, he is kind of just rolling with it.  He isn't 100% better yet, but he's getting there (I hope!)

Rachel, well Rachel is I think our happiest baby yet. She is a watcher and when she gets excited she kicks her feet, which is making it difficult to keep her socks on. She is getting very distracted during the day. She has a really hard time staying focused while she is supposed to be eating, which I think why she is getting up more at night than she used to. Blast her! Of course, we are pleased she really doesn't cry anymore, like she did when she was first born. She does mostly just go with the flow, but she does let me know what she wants. Eric is convinced that she likes him from a distance. Oh she is all smiles when I'm holding her and looking at him, but then I pass her off and she is all about me. She is cute and heavy and sometimes I like to just sit with her and do nothing when the kids are at school. With Gwen, she cried a lot, I cried a lot, with Nate, I had Gwen to also contend with, so with Rachel, I am enjoying the quiet time, while they are at school.

Eric is sick, which is a big bummer, since his birthday is Monday. Oh well, he mentioned Monday birthdays are a bummer, so I guess the universe is getting him back? He keeps telling me he is working on his last experiment, but it seems that it has been going on for quite some time, amIright, Mom? But, I guess these things take time. Then we are on to the writing and the waiting and the job hunting, no pressure! I think he will be done before the end of next year...I was hoping for earlier, but I'm not on his committee.

I am doing well, I've been super busy. I feel like my part-time job is more like a full time job. Of course, I think if I hadn't had the baby and the boss hadn't decided to change the whole lunch for the school, I probably wouldn't be so busy. Well, that and the 3 kids! We did enjoy some time outside today, I am apparently going through some kind of cleaning binge, probably because I missed spring cleaning, while I was preggers. But, with Eric sick and my "let's clean out your toys" We started out really well with the toy cleaning, but it turned ugly quickly and the kids decided not to get any toys for Christmas. We will try again tomorrow. I at least got the trash out of their room.

And, what would this "updating post" be without pictures you ask? Well, of course a boring post, so here's a slide show of pictures over the last couple of weeks or so. Gwen decided to make a leaf fort. She worked pretty hard on it. Without further ado:

Fall2012 - slideshow dvd

*disclaimer, truly this post had very little to do with retrospection, but I am running out of titles and cleverness after 6+ years.  And, when I first thought about this post there was more retrospection, but after I sat down to write it became a completely different post.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  We had beautiful weather, thanks for that but I think we could have used a win!  ;) WAR EAGLE!   

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Sometime last week was Halloween, did you notice?  If you have any kids, then you probably noticed.  We had the Halloween carnival the week before, and once I get Nate's pictures from his class Halloween thing together, I'll try to post those.  The kids had a great time at the school carnival, it was the first time we have gone where it was pretty nice weather.  Not raining, and not cold, so it seemed much calmer.  

We had friends come over again for the Halloween  trick-or-treating.  It was good weather for that also.  Not super cold, not raining, we were very lucky!  The kids had a great time, much less whiny than last year.  Rachel, didn't seem to care, have I mentioned how heavy she is lately?  Lord, is she heavy, no wonder I sling her all the time!  

The kids got a lot of candy, they have really enjoyed eating it, since they didn't have school the next day, we let them stay up a little late and I told them they could eat as much candy as they wanted to, I don't think Eric was on board with that, since he kept saying, um, I don't think you want to eat that...everyone survived!  

Here are the pictures: