Friday, October 12, 2012

New pictures!

I have some recent pictures of Rachel, would you like to see them?  Oh, wait, first I'm going to write some stuff and then I'll post the slide show.  Rachel is getting bigger, or so people tell me.  I think she is about the same as she always was, I am sure, I've had to put away 0-6 month clothes and she isn't even 4 months yet (3.5 months today!)  She is on her way to making sure she is heard, she was giving me quite the story today.  She chatted up a storm and it seemed like she has something very important to say to the ceiling, or a picture on the wall, or some thing else, that wasn't me.  I have a video, I'll upload it one day. 

We put Rachel in with the big kids tonight, so far so good.  But I imagine this will be more difficult in the days ahead and for me if she wakes up in the night, damn those 50 steps are going to be tough and where am I going to feed her?  These are all things I should have probably considered a long time ago, but there are really no good solutions in this house, and I desperately need to have our room back so I don't have to have my work stuff all around the house.  I need stuff to be contained, and it isn't currently! 

We still can't really tell what color Rachel's eyes are, she appears to be growing hair, it is still likely the same amount of hair, it is just growing longer.  And is it going to be blond?  Many unanswered questions we have here.  She really enjoys sitting up and today she cried every time someone smiled at her.  Which would be sad if her making a sad face wasn't so ridiculously cute.    

Well, by now I know my Mom is like, where are the pictures!  Oh, who am I kidding, she just skipped to this section and didn't read any of this.  (Hi MOM!) 


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