Friday, November 23, 2012

Movin' on

I've decided to ditch the blogger, well maybe not ditch it, but move posting to another site, where I don't have to worry about uploading, or how much space I have left for pictures.  So the new site, is here.
I've already posted, so go check it out!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


About 6.5 years ago I started this blog, I didn't tell anyone, but I thought my Dad would really enjoy looking at the pictures. My Dad really enjoyed all things technological (yes, it is a word). So I know he would have really enjoyed looking at the blog. Sadly, I never got a chance to tell him about it. So, in honor of his birthday, it seems like I should do a little update. It seems like a long time since I've just gotten on here and told you how it is going here. We are doing well. Gwen just got her first report card for the first grade. And we had conferences, Gwen is doing well. Since then she seems to have the "click" that comes with learning to read. She is reading all the time now, and she is no longer sounding out words. She isn't perfect yet, but she is doing really well. We have some things to work on with her, like using silverware and being respectful to every one in our family. She has also developed a fear of the dark and other random fears. When she isn't dealing with her random fears she is a sweet girl and we are very proud of her.  She also has 3 lose teeth, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top.  I should really start a pool for the teeth and if when they will ever come out and which one will be first.  Seriously, the bottom tooth is hanging by a thread!  But at this point I think the top one will just fall out first!

We also had a conference with Nate's teacher. He is also doing well. Better than we were expected. We weren't sure how he would be in school, he doesn't listen real well at home and he often forgets our rules and to do what he wants. We've been real pleased to find out that he is very good at school, he doesn't get into trouble, is real sweet and smart. (ok, the teacher didn't say that, but one of the subs told me he is smart!) He loves school and was supposed to be child of the week this week, but he has been sick, so he missed the last 2 days of school and Mother-Son bowling.   I think we'd be pretty disappointed by that, if he wasn't so tired, he is kind of just rolling with it.  He isn't 100% better yet, but he's getting there (I hope!)

Rachel, well Rachel is I think our happiest baby yet. She is a watcher and when she gets excited she kicks her feet, which is making it difficult to keep her socks on. She is getting very distracted during the day. She has a really hard time staying focused while she is supposed to be eating, which I think why she is getting up more at night than she used to. Blast her! Of course, we are pleased she really doesn't cry anymore, like she did when she was first born. She does mostly just go with the flow, but she does let me know what she wants. Eric is convinced that she likes him from a distance. Oh she is all smiles when I'm holding her and looking at him, but then I pass her off and she is all about me. She is cute and heavy and sometimes I like to just sit with her and do nothing when the kids are at school. With Gwen, she cried a lot, I cried a lot, with Nate, I had Gwen to also contend with, so with Rachel, I am enjoying the quiet time, while they are at school.

Eric is sick, which is a big bummer, since his birthday is Monday. Oh well, he mentioned Monday birthdays are a bummer, so I guess the universe is getting him back? He keeps telling me he is working on his last experiment, but it seems that it has been going on for quite some time, amIright, Mom? But, I guess these things take time. Then we are on to the writing and the waiting and the job hunting, no pressure! I think he will be done before the end of next year...I was hoping for earlier, but I'm not on his committee.

I am doing well, I've been super busy. I feel like my part-time job is more like a full time job. Of course, I think if I hadn't had the baby and the boss hadn't decided to change the whole lunch for the school, I probably wouldn't be so busy. Well, that and the 3 kids! We did enjoy some time outside today, I am apparently going through some kind of cleaning binge, probably because I missed spring cleaning, while I was preggers. But, with Eric sick and my "let's clean out your toys" We started out really well with the toy cleaning, but it turned ugly quickly and the kids decided not to get any toys for Christmas. We will try again tomorrow. I at least got the trash out of their room.

And, what would this "updating post" be without pictures you ask? Well, of course a boring post, so here's a slide show of pictures over the last couple of weeks or so. Gwen decided to make a leaf fort. She worked pretty hard on it. Without further ado:

Fall2012 - slideshow dvd

*disclaimer, truly this post had very little to do with retrospection, but I am running out of titles and cleverness after 6+ years.  And, when I first thought about this post there was more retrospection, but after I sat down to write it became a completely different post.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  We had beautiful weather, thanks for that but I think we could have used a win!  ;) WAR EAGLE!   

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Sometime last week was Halloween, did you notice?  If you have any kids, then you probably noticed.  We had the Halloween carnival the week before, and once I get Nate's pictures from his class Halloween thing together, I'll try to post those.  The kids had a great time at the school carnival, it was the first time we have gone where it was pretty nice weather.  Not raining, and not cold, so it seemed much calmer.  

We had friends come over again for the Halloween  trick-or-treating.  It was good weather for that also.  Not super cold, not raining, we were very lucky!  The kids had a great time, much less whiny than last year.  Rachel, didn't seem to care, have I mentioned how heavy she is lately?  Lord, is she heavy, no wonder I sling her all the time!  

The kids got a lot of candy, they have really enjoyed eating it, since they didn't have school the next day, we let them stay up a little late and I told them they could eat as much candy as they wanted to, I don't think Eric was on board with that, since he kept saying, um, I don't think you want to eat that...everyone survived!  

Here are the pictures:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dr. appointment

Today we had the 4 month appointment. Rachel is doing well, looks good, and growing, oh my is she growing!
Here are the vital stats:
Weight: 15lb 13oz (95%)
Height: 25in (80%)

This is a 2lb 8oz  and 2.5in change from last month
Just to compare Nate's stats at 4months:
Weight: 17lb 13oz (90%-95%)
Height: 26.25in (90%)

Gwen's stats at 4 months
15lb 8 oz (75-90%)
25 in (75%)

So, my girls are about the same...Nate who weighed the least out the gate is currently largest 4month old baby.  Now to attend to 2 crying kids! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 months

The princess is now 4 months old!   Ok, the second princess, Gwen gets mighty offended if I call her princess, but fortunately I happened upon a book at the library called The Second Princess and just have to remind her that 2 princesses are ok, she is still the first princess.  Ah, the joys of multiple children!  Back to Rachel...
Our happiest baby, that I recall.  I don't really remember Nate as happy, just cuddly, Gwen as crying, so currently happiest baby.  She smiles a lot and giggles, and is officially rolling over front to back and back to front.  Sometimes she rolls over if you lay her down for her nap (as you see above) and has actually fallen to sleep on her belly, but I did not get a picture of that.  (I didn't want to wake her while I searched for the camera, Nate was home, need I say more?)  This is also making the diaper changing a bit more challenging, since she is mostly laying on her side when I am trying to get the diaper off and on. 
She is currently drooly, a finger sucker and has a runny nose.  Whether she is sick or teething we will never know.  But, she doesn't seem to mind the bulb as much, I mean sometimes she lets me without screaming...not without wiggling. 
She LOVES watching things, is very distracted by everything and likes to look around.  She just watches and watches and this complicates the "schedule" (ha, schedule, I crack myself up!)  Unless she yawns, it is hard to tell when she is tired, she doesn't just nod off to sleep, she just kind of stares into space and you think, gosh, is that it, time for bed? 

She is a chatter, she just starts babbling on and on, but she usually only does it at home and it is often a sign that she is ready for sleep.  Which is hard to reconcile, because it is so cute and I just want to chat with her...see here.(sorry about the fuzziness, the boy may have been taking pictures and I might not have realized that his finger print was on the lens until after I started the video)(this video might be too boring for anyone but my Mother and Mother-in-law! I hope they enjoy it.)

She is almost ready to sit up and is starting to grab stuff with her hands and bring it to her mouth.  She's not real good at it yet, she's at that hilarious point where you can see her trying desperately and then her hands/arms not totally following the directions her brain is telling them to do.  Fortunately she doesn't get frustrated, she's more nonchalant about it, like oh well, I've still got my fingers.  Now me leaving the room, that is another story.  She seems to not like it when I walk out of eyesight these days, fabulous, isn't a little early for separation anxiety?  With the kids and/or husband around this isn't a problem, but I was just getting used to dashing off to the potty, by myself, oh well.  I guess that was a short-lived dream come true! 

Overall we have a pain in the tail screaming infant, that is turning into a pretty fun contented baby!  Yay Rachel! 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today I have sad news. Rachel has the sickies, we are not quite sure what, and she appears to be fine (and she's my third) so, I will not be taking her to the Doctor. She just has a runny nose and is rather congested, but she isn't acting any crankier than usual. I just feel bad for her congested self, she isn't so pleased with the bulb thingy, but she is pleased with the results. But I tell you her sneezing and coughing is rather pathetic, fortunately it is not frequent. I have a picture in the slideshow of her today. All smiles!

Rachel is getting more and more charming everyday. She has those chubby checks and in a couple days she will be 4 months old! The kids still adore her and Gwen loves showing off that she can carry Rachel. Nate still loves hugging and kissing her, but we still have to work on that she isn't a doll with movable parts. She loves watching them, so that's cool.

I'd like to say more, but you know, I desperately need to go to bed. Well, after I make the kids lunch, who knows how many time the mucous one will get up tonight, so I'd better be prepared!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Friday, October 12, 2012

New pictures!

I have some recent pictures of Rachel, would you like to see them?  Oh, wait, first I'm going to write some stuff and then I'll post the slide show.  Rachel is getting bigger, or so people tell me.  I think she is about the same as she always was, I am sure, I've had to put away 0-6 month clothes and she isn't even 4 months yet (3.5 months today!)  She is on her way to making sure she is heard, she was giving me quite the story today.  She chatted up a storm and it seemed like she has something very important to say to the ceiling, or a picture on the wall, or some thing else, that wasn't me.  I have a video, I'll upload it one day. 

We put Rachel in with the big kids tonight, so far so good.  But I imagine this will be more difficult in the days ahead and for me if she wakes up in the night, damn those 50 steps are going to be tough and where am I going to feed her?  These are all things I should have probably considered a long time ago, but there are really no good solutions in this house, and I desperately need to have our room back so I don't have to have my work stuff all around the house.  I need stuff to be contained, and it isn't currently! 

We still can't really tell what color Rachel's eyes are, she appears to be growing hair, it is still likely the same amount of hair, it is just growing longer.  And is it going to be blond?  Many unanswered questions we have here.  She really enjoys sitting up and today she cried every time someone smiled at her.  Which would be sad if her making a sad face wasn't so ridiculously cute.    

Well, by now I know my Mom is like, where are the pictures!  Oh, who am I kidding, she just skipped to this section and didn't read any of this.  (Hi MOM!) 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Big day for Rachel! She decided today was the day for rolling. As our babies start to develop personalities that we can distinguish. Rachel seems to have a very nonchalant attitude. When she went to roll over today, it took her about 10 minutes, each stage she kind of hung out for a while and then turned a little hung out some more, I desperately wanted to help her along, but I spent that time trying to locate the camera and the battery! Fortunately I found all the parts and got some pictures of our cute girl. Here's the slideshow of her in "action"

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hi October!

I have a bunch of pictures that I loaded into a slide show, we have taken some pictures and haven't posted them, so I loaded them up! Here you go, enjoy! In other news, Rachel is now 3 months old, the kids have been in school for 6 weeks now. I think we are settling into the routine and getting used to waking and sleeping times. I don't know for sure, but we might be getting the hang of school, a newborn and car pool. Nate loves school and comes home very excited and full of information. He gives us so much more information than "I forget girl". Gwen loves 1st grade and she is becoming quite the reader. Of course, she won't admit she's a good reader, but occasionally she will read something that surprises me. And on our 36 hour trip to Maryland this weekend, she kept reading Eric's speed limit, which was hilarious because it annoyed Eric. (yes, I know this is a number but we have been working on those also). Rachel is turning into a better baby, not a good baby yet, still a little fussy. Of course, she puts on a good show for others. This weekend in Maryland at a restaurant the waitress asked if I wanted to give her applesauce, since she was a little fussy. I was a little surprised and said no, she's not old enough to eat solids and she said oh, really how old is she? I told her 3 months and she said "wow, she's a big baby". Thanks lady. She is smiley and started laughing the day after she turned 3 months. She has fabulous double chins that really come out when she smiles. She still hates tummy time, but we think she is close to rolling over, this is our next goal for her...hahaha! Gwen and Nate both rolled front to back at 1 month, so we are trying to adjust to a baby that isn't super far ahead in gross motor skills. I wonder if that is any indication of how she is going to be on the rest of the gross motor skills. She is an adorable baby who seems to love her brother and sister and often follows them. She is starting to vocalize which can be very useful, say when you want Nate to stop squeezing her and you can tell him those noises means to "LET HER GO!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh September

It seems like fall now. Our trees are losing their leaves and it is down right chilly in the morning, and it is hard to plan the day of clothes for Rachel.  I'd forgotten that.  Thought you'd like to see some pictures from the last couple days.  Rachel appears to have the same fascination with looking at books and magazines as Gwen does. 
Now this picture is typically Nate, he certainly needs lots of hugs.  He's always been a touchy feel-y kind of kid and this always having to hold Rachel is really hurting his style.  Also he's missing some sleep and that makes him really need more physical contact.  He'll take it where he can get it, so you have to watch out.  But these needs make for a really sweet picture, doesn't it? 
We really enjoy bike riding, so this weekend we made the kids fend for themselves and hooked the car seat in the carrier and went for a little ride to the grocery store. 
Gwen is much better up the hill than Nate so Gwen and I "charged" up the hills and Eric pushed Nate up the hill.  When we got home I ran into the house and got the camera and tripod and set up for our first family outing picture.  Sure, it might not be the best picture, but look here we all are! 
Then we went in side and I got a picture of just the kids.  Look, everyone is looking at the camera!  HI!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my MIL's birthday, and since we are fairly behind and she said that checking the website for new pictures is something he enjoys, so here are some new pictures!
I have been trying and trying to get a picture of the kids together, oh, how hard I have been trying, but it is impossible. Rachel is too young to get her attention, and I have to get all 3 of them in the right mood (not necessarily a good mood, but a picture taking mood!) I should probably try to get pictures of the kids with Daddy home, but you know that is difficult too, I can only do it on weekends and then it would be an even bigger for now this is the best I could do.
Look at our sweet is she?  Talking to us, still looks like Nate in this picture, but I still think she is cute.

So Happy Birthday, I hope you that you have a fabulous day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rachel's Baptism

We had Rachel's Baptism this weekend.  We were fortunate to plan the Baptism with our friend's baby's Baptism also.  Both girls did remarkably well, although we wouldn't expect any less of them.  Rachel wore the familial Baptismal dress, the history of which I recounted here.  Rachel is our third child, we've Baptized our children now in 3 different Churches and this was the first full Mass Baptism.  It was a nice service and we were blessed enough to have my Mom, and both Godparents here for the service.  And we had a nice reception at the house, where the kids played and the adults talked and we shared some lunch and cake.  And despite the dreary weather we all had a nice day!  It is possible I should pay more attention to the weather, but I guess that is a post for another day.  Here is a slide show of pictures from the day.  These pictures were taken by my Mother and a random parishioner that Mrs. Kyle asked to take pictures for us.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Sure, this might not be a best picture, but look, do they all look alike? I realize that Rachel looks a bit crazy, but I guess if you look for those kind of things, there might be a family resemblance?  
Where are Gwen and I in this picture? I am obviously working hard around the house, or making dinner.  Gwen took the picture.  I am sure in the year to come we will get a better picture of the 3 of them.  But, I guess they do look alike.  I am sorry Rachel, we love you dearly, hopefully soon you will be as photogenic as your brother who you seem to look exactly like. You seem to have charmed everyone with your boyish looks, how alert you are, and your love of Momma.  (OK, only Momma is charmed by that.) 

Nate's first day

I realize I'm several weeks off for Nate's first day of school, but I did document it, and I promised my mother-in-law I'd get the pictures up last week. I'm a failure this week at getting stuff done! Oh well, hopefully if I get the pictures up I will be forgiven.
Nate had a great start to school. Eric and I have been a little nervous he wouldn't toe the line. He seems to be fairly smart, but at home has a hard time listening and following directions. He seems to not have any of these problems at school and is just sucking up information like a sponge. He's stayed on green and I've been told he is trying really hard to follow the rules in the hallways of not running up to the staff and other teachers.
There were no problems dropping him off for the first day of school, he was SO excited he jumped out of the car. He did however cry on Gwen's first day of school, he was so upset he wasn't starting on the first day. Of course that could be because they were both so excited they didn't go to sleep on time. So, here are the pictures!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

2 Months

Rachel is now 2 months old! Okay, so I am a week late on this post, so now she is 2 months and 1 week. I've been busy, I tell you! And really it has nothing to do with 3 kids, it is the other things. Now we are at the time where I should fill you in on Rachel. Everyone keeps telling me how good of a baby she is. Of course they see me when we are out and she's in the sling. She's lovely in the sling, all her needs are met in the sling. She can eat, poop and sleep in the sling, probably all at the same time, if she decided too, she is that skilled. We are coming to the time were people like to see the baby, because she is really starting to respond to people and smile (besides being so cute)! They assume that now she is developing personality and they are excited to see it shine through. She seems really has a special place in her heart for our printer and the fans and lights. Mommy tries not to be offended that she spends just as much or maybe even more time smiling at animate objects as she does smiling at Mommy.

 Rachel is still a fabulous night sleeper. I really can't complain, we put her down between 6-7pm, she fusses and then sleeps, getting up 1-2 times a night, most often sleeping until 7:30-8. She doesn't really make a lot of noise sleeping and doesn't really fuss when she wants to eat, unless I am out cold and she's super hungry! Seriously can't complain! She spends her days making up for that awesomeness by wanting special attention-to be held ALL day and not sleeping unless we walk with her, within 5 minutes of stopping the walk she starts crying and wakes up. I can put her down for short periods of time for tummy time, in the bouncy or swing. But she doesn't really like it. She likes to be held and she will let you know it.

She continues to be very alert when she is awake, she studies everything. She tries to mimic us and is free with her smiles. Her smiles light up her whole face, which I love. And she looks at me a lot and seems like she has something to say based on the movement of her eyebrows. I don't know if all babies are so expressive with their eyebrows, but my kids seem to be and it makes me smile!

We went to the Dr and they are pleased with her growth and her attention. She was 13lb 5 oz and 22.5in long. She gained 1lb 1oz and 0.5in. I think she is staying on her curve for weight 80% and dropped a little on the length curve, but I imagine she is in for a growth spurt soon-length wise. I do wonder when she will get a neck and Eric wants to know when she will start to laugh.

I tried to get a picture of her smiling, but it was difficult to do it while holding the camera, so the next day she was really smiling at Eric and I started snapping. Some great smiling pictures there!
(Sometimes I look at her and think "why did I put Nate in that dress?" I think the resemblance between them is strong, what do you think?)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of First Grade! and meet the teacher for 2!

Oh my, I have 2 children starting school, one started today, the other cried in his room wanting to know why he couldn't start today! (he starts next week!) Yesterday evening we had "Meet the Teacher". We already know Nate's teacher, she was Gwen's first teacher, so Nate is entirely comfortable there. He didn't know the assistant, but I don't think he really cared, he just jumped right in. We also met Gwen's teacher and assistant. Gwen's teacher is new to the school and we met her the night before at the "ice cream social" for new families. I was fairly impressed, since she remembered Gwen's name. Gwen said she only confused 2 of the boys today, still fairly impressed. Gwen's class is small, only 17 kids, and she has 2 new kids to the school in her class. She is enjoying class so far, and already came home with homework! The nice thing about 1st grade homework is apparently she has the whole week to work on it, and since they started on a Wed, she apparently has until next Friday to finish. The nice thing is we don't have anything to do in the evenings/afternoons, except pace with Rachel, so homework can easily be done while I pace. Which will likely be nice for Gwen, I won't be breathing down her neck while she's trying to do homework, just checking as I pass by. Here is another slideshow from yesterday and today. I swear I will post pictures again on here, but only if I don't have more than say 5 pictures, gotta keep the amount of uploading to a minimum!

Miss Rachel

I haven't decided what to do about the blog, but I have deleted some photos, which I don't think will be a problem, but I realized I have some pictures to post, so here we go!  Pictures of Rachel.  Mostly sleeping, some awake.  She's a great sleeper at night, but sadly she seems to need to scream to fall asleep. And she doesn't really like it when I stop walking during the day, which makes me tired, because she is heavy.  I have perfected the use of the sling and I've tried to rock her after she's fallen to sleep, but the dang kid still wakes up!  I am looking forward to having the mornings free, with just Rachel to work on some of this sleeping thing, she'll be 2 months in a couple days, which means in at least a month or 2 she should be more receptive to a schedule. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

The baby years

There are certain things you forget about newborns and how it all works when you go years between a baby. I don't recall forgetting anything between Gwen & Nate, but between Nate and Rachel, there is a world of difference in what I remember. So as not to forget the things I love about newborns here we go:
  • Sighs, babies sigh all the time, and it is hilarious to me, because really what is so taxing in your life, little one that you must sigh?  I don't know but I love it.
  • The "drunken" baby syndrome after they drink the milk-the bobbling head, the unfocused eyes, love it!
  • The shocked expression every time I go to burp her, she even looks kind of shocked when she burps, don't even get me started on how funny they look when they poop!
  • The flailing arms and bouncing checks when I burp her, love it. 
  • The sad expression of the "fake" cry.  Not the colicky cry, the why aren't you getting my needs met faster cry!  
I won't go into the things I don't like about newborns!

And now we come to the worst thing, I have exceeded the storage limit of my google account!  So I can no longer upload pictures without paying a storage fee.  Which we all know I can't do.  So, I am going to have to consider what to do.  I think my 2 options are to buy storage or open another google account and start a new blog.  I am thinking I will likely start a new google account...I'll let you know.  Although if I did slideshows and videos from other sites, I could get around this, so I guess I will have to consider and get back to you!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I've been really busy lately, newborn + starting of school + renter leaving = very busy!  Sorry about the blog not being updated regularly.  Today, I am going to post a blast from the recent past, Rachel's first bath.  The poor kid, wasn't particularly fond of the bath, and really still isn't, but mostly because I really can't get the temperature right, or maybe because she is like, why aren't you feeding me ten minutes ago!
The kid is 6 weeks now, and I think that we are getting the hang of her. I mean we can now mostly get her to sleep without crying and she will fall asleep, only at night. We've learned that even though she is awake and alert she still needs TONS of sleep during the day. I spend most of my day making sure she hasn't been awake for more than a half an hour or so, if she has I start trying to get her to sleep. Because, if she is awake more than that it is impossible to get her to sleep and stay asleep. She is a fabulous night sleeper, for 6 weeks and I couldn't be happier about that. I still wish she could sleep during the day, not on top of me or in the sling. I only hope all this walking around with the almost 12 pound baby is helping get off the baby weight! I am pleased that she no longer cries all day, that she is calming down and is starting to smile. Hopefully things will continue to get calmer around here, especially as I get all this school stuff taken care of.

Friday, July 27, 2012

My babies!

I took this picture today during "tummy time", the kids as usual give the full assault whenever I try to do the tummy time with Rachel.  Everyone wants their picture with Rachel, to hold Rachel, to kiss Rachel...translation the newness hasn't worn off yet.  I do wonder if it ever will.  Rachel still doesn't care about them, really, but they think she does.  Gwen is convinced that Rachel loves her second best, after me of course, sadly Daddy is in last place according to Gwen.  Nate declares that he isn't in last place because he gives Rachel lots of hugs and kisses.  Gwen is also convinced that Rachel says "hi" to her and waves to her, I haven't told her that Rachel is cooing and randomly flailing about.  I guess the good thing about all the love is I got a pretty cute picture out of the deal, I think...I apparently got Nate mid speak.  Rachel is almost smiling, I think she is thinking, look how I've got these 2 wrapped around my finger! 
I've heard a rumor that Grandpa might get to glimpse the blog this weekend, so I thought I'd put this angry Nate picture up.  It was Nate's idea to put this "present" from my cousin on, so I don't know why he is giving me the stare down when I took the picture.  Nate is likely the only kid in this family to ever wear this thing, but I guess as far as bibs go, this would be a good one to collect the spit-up and stuff, wouldn't want to get a Buck's bib dirty, now would we? 

For my Mom

If there is 1 thing my Mom loves it is a picture of groups of kids together, especially cousins and what not. These pictures right here are the closest things my kids will ever have to first cousins, only kid missing is Christopher. And now we have 2 babies a couple months apart, so exciting!  And, even more exciting is Jess's sister had a baby today so there are 3 little babies only 3 months apart, all girls!

Jess doesn't believe me, but I think Rachel is bigger than Emily.  I declare it so!  She just looks bigger to me.
As you can tell, Emily was a little off her game that day, Rachel was pretty good, as far as Rachel goes.  Jess doesn't believe Rachel is a fussy baby, guess she hasn't called during the fussy periods! 
It was nice to see the girls!  We've seen them a lot this year and it has been so nice, fun living closer to "old" friends!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

1 month

Yesterday, Rachel turned a month old.  To celebrate we had a Doctor's appointment.  Rachel is now:
11 lb 4 oz
22in long
This means she has grown 1lb9oz and 1 in in a month!  Look at how surprised she is!
She is doing mostly well.  She has stopped crying when she is awake, she now only cries when she is refusing to sleep.  See, an improvement!  Everyday is a little better.  Today I was able to put her down for a 3 hour nap and made dinner!  Of course that will never happen again.  I am a little gun shy to take them say to the grocery store in the afternoon.  But we'll get there, and soon enough the older kids will be in school and I won't have to attempt to do anything with all three.  The kids still adore Rachel and she is not the worst baby we've ever had.  And doesn't she look cute in her dress made by my friend? 

Monday, July 16, 2012

I am out of titles

This newborn thing is harder than I expected.  I remembered that I have difficult babies, but somehow that didn't translate to the fact that the baby wouldn't just slide right into our routine or we would have a slightly different routine, but I didn't expect that we wouldn't have any routine.  Which truly is ridiculous because what newborn has a routine?  She sleeps well at night, of course that is after Eric walks her, to get her into solid sleep.  She seems to enjoy movement to help her get to sleep, she doesn't have the ability to self-soothe yet.  But, all of this is familiar territory for us, both Gwen and Nate had the same problem, I just seemed to have blocked it out. 
Gwen and Nate really enjoy holding her.  I took these pictures during the day one day, Rachel was better positioned, but it is hard to take pictures and monitor, but I think it is important to document this for all of them.  What was funny about this picture is that Rachel was sucking on his arm, Nate thought it was hilarious. 
Here is a picture of the sleeping princess...
This picture from today, I was making lunch, Gwen decided to read to Rachel.
In a couple months, I guess we'll get into a routine and she'll learn how to self-soothe and go to sleep on her own.  The kids will lose interest in her and life will be at the new normal.  I just hope I remember to re-button my shirt! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Your daily Rachel

or is it Nate? Here is a link to a picture of Nate from this age, what do you think?
Think this girl is also going to be blond? We are currently thinking grey eyes, not light blue like Nate, but darker blue. Although comparing pictures I realize Rachel looks just like Gwen, but with lighter hair, shocker, at this stage all my kids lock the same. In hilarious news Gwen told me that this morning that Nate woke her up. I said oh, I'm sorry, how did he do that. She said I could hear him opening up the candy wrappers. That's right, the sound of Nate opening candy wrappers woke her up. Fortunately she still is a tattle tale and came and told us immediately. Daddy has to learn a better place to hide his candy overnight.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tummy time!

Yesterday we did some tummy time while the older 2 were outside playing in the rain.  Since the other 2 were outside, I got some front row action for tummy time and snapped some pictures.  Now, I didn't exactly get any pictures of her lifting her head, which she can do, I got her making faces, which hopefully you will enjoy more than 5 pictures of her lifting her head. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dr's appt

Rachel had her 2nd Dr's appointment today.  Looking good!  She is back up and past her birth weight, a whopping 9lbs 14oz!  At this rate she'll be out of 0-3clothes in about 3 weeks.  She was still 21in.  Things are going well, she had some good eye contact this morning, was very alert and not a bit cranky. 

I thought I would include these pictures I took the other day.  I typically leave the car seat in the car and just sling her, she seems to really enjoy being in close contact and to be swaddled so her limbs don't flail and wake her up.  I put her in the car seat after shopping with Gwen this weekend and this is the position she was in, I thought it was funny, so I snapped a shot.
Mom has been saying she looks older already and I didn't believe her.  But I realize what it is that makes her look older, she has lost some of her chubby cheeks as her face has elongated a little, not that you can tell from this picture.  But still, trust me her face isn't so smushed anymore.  (smushed appears not to be a word by spell check, but I think it totally is and I can't think of another word in it's place, sorry!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The birthday boss

Today our first born turned six!  Ack!  Actually it isn't a huge deal, you know because she knows everything, so she actually seems so much older.  Or maybe because I just had a baby and she just seems like almost an adult, in comparison.  But anyways, this isn't all about the new baby, this is all about Gwen.
So, how's Gwen's these days, well she's starting first grade this year.  We've been working on her reading this summer, not because she's a terrible reader, but because we are trying to build her confidence, we want her to be comfortable when she starts first grade. Everyone who has had Gwen in their class has said lovely things about her, like I wish I had a whole class of kids like Gwen.  We just wish we would see that kid at home more often!
Gwen is rather bossy, she thinks she is Mom #1, Nate gets the brunt of it currently and is starting to fight back.  I spend most of my time reminding her that I'm the Mom here.  Of course, this is real convenient when Nate is doing something he isn't.  But I keep reminding her that no one will want to play with her if she continues to try and demand people play her way.
Gwen is a sweet and caring sister to her siblings.  She loves to dote and hold her new sister.  And she tries to keep her quiet and happy, which is a difficult task, for sure!  When Nate got his shots last week she was so upset about it that she was also crying and I had to shoo her away, so I could comfort Nate.
Gwen also knows everything about everything, or so she says.  We are talking to her about her attitude and not being so rude.  I am slightly concerned about the teenage years!
Today we had a "playdate" for Gwen.  I had 3 little girls come over, and play with her.  I made cupcakes and the girls played and had a good time.  I shuffled Nate off to one of the girls' Mom who has boys, so it was just us girls!  I knew with the new baby and all the attention she's been getting today had to be pretty special for Gwen, and I think it was.  But I think she took this "MY NEW PRESENTS" thing a little too far.  We try to let the kids have 1 day with their new presents to share or not share according to their will.  At 4 and 6 it isn't going over so well, but I hope with each year it will get easier!
Here is a slide show from today.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


Gwen, Nate, Rachel
I thought it would be fun to compare a picture of the kids. Although sadly this is as close as I could get to them all being the same position.  So, do you think all my babies look alike?  Chubby, chubby, chubby!

Friday, July 06, 2012

More photos

I found some more pictures to post. None of which have anything to do with each other.  Here is one more from the hospital. 
Just arriving home!
Before Grandma left.  We had a really hard time getting Nate to cooperate!  This one looks pretty good.
I think her hair is lightening up, kind of like what Nate's did.  Also her eyes appear to be gray, but who knows if they will continue to change. 
I'm having a hard time getting pictures because of this right here.  Every time I go to take a picture, the older kids get in the way.  Today during tummy time, the kids were playing and heard me talking to Rachel and ran over and I couldn't even see her anymore, they plopped right in front of me! 
Sure I know it is good they love their sister!  I just wish I could get more pictures so the Grandma's don't get so irritated with me! 

Monday, July 02, 2012

All Rachel, all the time

Alright, now that Rachel is a week old, I guess it is time to post the last of the hospital pictures! 
The first night Rachel and I spent the night alone in the hospital, Eric was toast and apparently was fortunate enough to go to bed at 8p and slept until 8am the next morning.  I on the other hand wasn't so lucky.  Rachel is something of a pistol, now not near as a pain as the other ones, but around 2:30 in the morning (you know when she was 1 day old!)  She really couldn't be settled, I tried nursing and rocking and walking after about an hour I gave up and called in the nurse, who re-swaddled her and she quieted for a couple minutes, and I tried nursing her again and then she went out.  But it was truly a pain in the tail, and a foreshadowing of our first week. 
Rachel at this point loves to be held.  She especially loves it when someone who is not me is holding her, unless she is being nursed and just fell asleep.  Sometimes she will sleep in her pack-n-play.  Sometimes she will not.  We haven't really figured that out yet, it is kind of a crap shoot. 
Rachel doesn't seem to want to spend anytime awake yet.  She will be fine for about 20 minutes, if that then she will start crying.  Fortunately, Eric and I have a lot of experience with crying babies.  We've done this before!  Of course she is 100x better than Gwen and the jury is still out whether or not she will be better than Nate.  At some point Nate started to fall asleep on his own.  I am not sure that Rachel will. 
Rachel has a strong urge to suck.  I am not sure if that is because she is 9 pounds and I am not keeping up with her or she needs that to soothe.  We don't typically use pacifiers, and I am holding out for a while to make sure it doesn't interfere with her growth and my production. 
But, my word, when she sleeps she sleeps like a champ!  All Gwen wants to do is hold her, Nate just wants to kiss her and touch her.  When she cries they come running.  There doesn't seem to be any sibling rivalry, but I wish that it wasn't 100 degrees here so I could at least take everyone outside! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rachel's hospital bath

Another difference between this hospital and the last was that they waited until the baby was at least 6 hours old before they gave Rachel her bath.  I thought it would be fun for the kids if we waited for them to be there before she got the bath.  So, late in the day, almost evening of Rachel's first day she got her first bath.  This has to have been the craziest thing I have ever seen.  The aide put down a paper sheet thingy that was to soak up the water in her bassinet. 
She kept squeezing water on Rachel from the wash cloth and then she would wash her. 

I think you can see it here in this picture, the inside of the bassinet is soaked with water. 
Gwen was the ever patient watcher.  Once Nate was sure Rachel wasn't crying out of stress, he just sat back in my lap. 
I can't remember what they were talking about here, but it sure looks interesting. 

Wet and angry, see the water?

Finally hair washing. 
We apparently didn't take any pictures of the clean baby, I think it ended up being time to eat and the kids left shortly after that, Nate possibly traumatized for life.  Gwen happy to help with bath #2!