Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The birthday boss

Today our first born turned six!  Ack!  Actually it isn't a huge deal, you know because she knows everything, so she actually seems so much older.  Or maybe because I just had a baby and she just seems like almost an adult, in comparison.  But anyways, this isn't all about the new baby, this is all about Gwen.
So, how's Gwen's these days, well she's starting first grade this year.  We've been working on her reading this summer, not because she's a terrible reader, but because we are trying to build her confidence, we want her to be comfortable when she starts first grade. Everyone who has had Gwen in their class has said lovely things about her, like I wish I had a whole class of kids like Gwen.  We just wish we would see that kid at home more often!
Gwen is rather bossy, she thinks she is Mom #1, Nate gets the brunt of it currently and is starting to fight back.  I spend most of my time reminding her that I'm the Mom here.  Of course, this is real convenient when Nate is doing something he isn't.  But I keep reminding her that no one will want to play with her if she continues to try and demand people play her way.
Gwen is a sweet and caring sister to her siblings.  She loves to dote and hold her new sister.  And she tries to keep her quiet and happy, which is a difficult task, for sure!  When Nate got his shots last week she was so upset about it that she was also crying and I had to shoo her away, so I could comfort Nate.
Gwen also knows everything about everything, or so she says.  We are talking to her about her attitude and not being so rude.  I am slightly concerned about the teenage years!
Today we had a "playdate" for Gwen.  I had 3 little girls come over, and play with her.  I made cupcakes and the girls played and had a good time.  I shuffled Nate off to one of the girls' Mom who has boys, so it was just us girls!  I knew with the new baby and all the attention she's been getting today had to be pretty special for Gwen, and I think it was.  But I think she took this "MY NEW PRESENTS" thing a little too far.  We try to let the kids have 1 day with their new presents to share or not share according to their will.  At 4 and 6 it isn't going over so well, but I hope with each year it will get easier!
Here is a slide show from today.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Gwen! {Love the birthday door}

Melanie said...

I may have stole that idea from you Beth! ;) The kids love it, I guess I should give you credit...