Friday, July 27, 2012

My babies!

I took this picture today during "tummy time", the kids as usual give the full assault whenever I try to do the tummy time with Rachel.  Everyone wants their picture with Rachel, to hold Rachel, to kiss Rachel...translation the newness hasn't worn off yet.  I do wonder if it ever will.  Rachel still doesn't care about them, really, but they think she does.  Gwen is convinced that Rachel loves her second best, after me of course, sadly Daddy is in last place according to Gwen.  Nate declares that he isn't in last place because he gives Rachel lots of hugs and kisses.  Gwen is also convinced that Rachel says "hi" to her and waves to her, I haven't told her that Rachel is cooing and randomly flailing about.  I guess the good thing about all the love is I got a pretty cute picture out of the deal, I think...I apparently got Nate mid speak.  Rachel is almost smiling, I think she is thinking, look how I've got these 2 wrapped around my finger! 
I've heard a rumor that Grandpa might get to glimpse the blog this weekend, so I thought I'd put this angry Nate picture up.  It was Nate's idea to put this "present" from my cousin on, so I don't know why he is giving me the stare down when I took the picture.  Nate is likely the only kid in this family to ever wear this thing, but I guess as far as bibs go, this would be a good one to collect the spit-up and stuff, wouldn't want to get a Buck's bib dirty, now would we? 

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Mommy Daisy said...

Great picture of all 3 kiddos together!