Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dr's appt

Rachel had her 2nd Dr's appointment today.  Looking good!  She is back up and past her birth weight, a whopping 9lbs 14oz!  At this rate she'll be out of 0-3clothes in about 3 weeks.  She was still 21in.  Things are going well, she had some good eye contact this morning, was very alert and not a bit cranky. 

I thought I would include these pictures I took the other day.  I typically leave the car seat in the car and just sling her, she seems to really enjoy being in close contact and to be swaddled so her limbs don't flail and wake her up.  I put her in the car seat after shopping with Gwen this weekend and this is the position she was in, I thought it was funny, so I snapped a shot.
Mom has been saying she looks older already and I didn't believe her.  But I realize what it is that makes her look older, she has lost some of her chubby cheeks as her face has elongated a little, not that you can tell from this picture.  But still, trust me her face isn't so smushed anymore.  (smushed appears not to be a word by spell check, but I think it totally is and I can't think of another word in it's place, sorry!)

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