Friday, July 06, 2012

More photos

I found some more pictures to post. None of which have anything to do with each other.  Here is one more from the hospital. 
Just arriving home!
Before Grandma left.  We had a really hard time getting Nate to cooperate!  This one looks pretty good.
I think her hair is lightening up, kind of like what Nate's did.  Also her eyes appear to be gray, but who knows if they will continue to change. 
I'm having a hard time getting pictures because of this right here.  Every time I go to take a picture, the older kids get in the way.  Today during tummy time, the kids were playing and heard me talking to Rachel and ran over and I couldn't even see her anymore, they plopped right in front of me! 
Sure I know it is good they love their sister!  I just wish I could get more pictures so the Grandma's don't get so irritated with me! 

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