Saturday, July 14, 2012

Your daily Rachel

or is it Nate? Here is a link to a picture of Nate from this age, what do you think?
Think this girl is also going to be blond? We are currently thinking grey eyes, not light blue like Nate, but darker blue. Although comparing pictures I realize Rachel looks just like Gwen, but with lighter hair, shocker, at this stage all my kids lock the same. In hilarious news Gwen told me that this morning that Nate woke her up. I said oh, I'm sorry, how did he do that. She said I could hear him opening up the candy wrappers. That's right, the sound of Nate opening candy wrappers woke her up. Fortunately she still is a tattle tale and came and told us immediately. Daddy has to learn a better place to hide his candy overnight.

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