Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I've been really busy lately, newborn + starting of school + renter leaving = very busy!  Sorry about the blog not being updated regularly.  Today, I am going to post a blast from the recent past, Rachel's first bath.  The poor kid, wasn't particularly fond of the bath, and really still isn't, but mostly because I really can't get the temperature right, or maybe because she is like, why aren't you feeding me ten minutes ago!
The kid is 6 weeks now, and I think that we are getting the hang of her. I mean we can now mostly get her to sleep without crying and she will fall asleep, only at night. We've learned that even though she is awake and alert she still needs TONS of sleep during the day. I spend most of my day making sure she hasn't been awake for more than a half an hour or so, if she has I start trying to get her to sleep. Because, if she is awake more than that it is impossible to get her to sleep and stay asleep. She is a fabulous night sleeper, for 6 weeks and I couldn't be happier about that. I still wish she could sleep during the day, not on top of me or in the sling. I only hope all this walking around with the almost 12 pound baby is helping get off the baby weight! I am pleased that she no longer cries all day, that she is calming down and is starting to smile. Hopefully things will continue to get calmer around here, especially as I get all this school stuff taken care of.

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