Friday, August 10, 2012

The baby years

There are certain things you forget about newborns and how it all works when you go years between a baby. I don't recall forgetting anything between Gwen & Nate, but between Nate and Rachel, there is a world of difference in what I remember. So as not to forget the things I love about newborns here we go:
  • Sighs, babies sigh all the time, and it is hilarious to me, because really what is so taxing in your life, little one that you must sigh?  I don't know but I love it.
  • The "drunken" baby syndrome after they drink the milk-the bobbling head, the unfocused eyes, love it!
  • The shocked expression every time I go to burp her, she even looks kind of shocked when she burps, don't even get me started on how funny they look when they poop!
  • The flailing arms and bouncing checks when I burp her, love it. 
  • The sad expression of the "fake" cry.  Not the colicky cry, the why aren't you getting my needs met faster cry!  
I won't go into the things I don't like about newborns!

And now we come to the worst thing, I have exceeded the storage limit of my google account!  So I can no longer upload pictures without paying a storage fee.  Which we all know I can't do.  So, I am going to have to consider what to do.  I think my 2 options are to buy storage or open another google account and start a new blog.  I am thinking I will likely start a new google account...I'll let you know.  Although if I did slideshows and videos from other sites, I could get around this, so I guess I will have to consider and get back to you!

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