Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rachel's Baptism

We had Rachel's Baptism this weekend.  We were fortunate to plan the Baptism with our friend's baby's Baptism also.  Both girls did remarkably well, although we wouldn't expect any less of them.  Rachel wore the familial Baptismal dress, the history of which I recounted here.  Rachel is our third child, we've Baptized our children now in 3 different Churches and this was the first full Mass Baptism.  It was a nice service and we were blessed enough to have my Mom, and both Godparents here for the service.  And we had a nice reception at the house, where the kids played and the adults talked and we shared some lunch and cake.  And despite the dreary weather we all had a nice day!  It is possible I should pay more attention to the weather, but I guess that is a post for another day.  Here is a slide show of pictures from the day.  These pictures were taken by my Mother and a random parishioner that Mrs. Kyle asked to take pictures for us.

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