Wednesday, September 27, 2006

History of the Baptismal Dress and other things

I have been asked the history of the dress Gwen wore to her Baptism. The dress was made in 1920 for my Great Uncle Norbert by his mother, Gertrude. In 1946, Great Aunt Norma, Norbert's wife and keeper of the dress, replaced the original silk with silk my Grandfather brought back from Japan when he was in World War II. There is also booties and a sweater that go with the dress and apparently a slip, but I didn't see that. My Grandpa (Ray), my mother and her brothers and sister were baptized in the gown. There is some discrepancy whether or not I wore the dress, but we are pretty sure I did (even though I am not on the list). So, if any of my family has pictures from my baptism, can you let us know if it is the same dress! When Mom goes home she is going to check on that. Gwen is the 1st of the 4th generation to be Baptized in the dress.
In other news, I have gone back to work. They have basically given me busy machinery type work to do, but I don't mind. If I don't do it then they will pull my former lab mates to do it, and they have work to do. But, man is it time consuming! Basically I am working on the electrical work they need to assemble boxes for our government contract. I think they have to have the boxes assembled soon and they don't have a manufacturing group to do it. Kind of boring, they told me to bring an iPOD, so I am borrowing the husbands, his allows me to watch movies, not that I can actually watch them, but I have pulled out some classics and I am listening to them.
Going back to work has not been as difficult as I expected, in the 3 days I have worked, I do realize that I could not go back full time at this point. I find that it is not hard to leave Gwen for the day, probably because I know she is safe with my Mom, but I miss the all day bonding with Gwen. Evening is just not enough time for me to bond with her. By the time we get dinner, feed her it is time to get her bath and get her ready for bed, and I have to share her with Eric! With Eric in school and having to study, I would not be able to accomplish much. My Mom is still working on Gwen taking a nap. As many of you have heard in previous posts she does not like to sleep during the day. Mom has had some success with her sleeping during the day by at most for 45 minutes, usually only 20 though. And, there is great improvement in attitude when she does get sleep during the day. Today was apparently a rough day for napping, I had a Church meeting tonight and we brought Gwen, (the ladies wanted to meet her) she feel asleep in the car on the way home and is still out cold! It has been 2 hours! Maybe when she wakes up to eat she will go right back out with very little fuss. A girl can dream, right!

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