Thursday, September 21, 2006

This weeks pictures

This picture is from a couple nights ago while I was making dinner. I keep trying to sneak up on Eric and Gwen, but Eric always hears the camera turn on! Sometimes he lets me take pictures, since he was so kind to let me take this picture, I posted a picture he took of Gwen and I, notice the rattles on her arms, she doesn't seem to care!
These last 2 pictures are from when we first started working on reaching for things. First I helped her put her hand on the butterfly, if you pull down on the butterfly it makes the bird go around. After she let go of the butterfly, she put her hand up there all by herself. She has done this for Eric also. She hasn't gotten the pull motion down yet. I am just happy we are reaching for stuff.

These might be the last pictures for a while. I will be back at work on Monday for 2 weeks while Grandma watches Gwen. If work is like what it used to be, I will have plenty of time to post, but I am not sure I will have lots of pictures!

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