Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The long run has ended!

Today it is official...I have quit my job after 8 years. Now on to the next chapter of my life, raising Gwen! Of course, I could have done that and worked, but I don't know that I could continue to work there. Actually, I know I couldn't. It has been a long run, and even though I have a lot to say about the job, my boss, and other things, as strong as my feelings are, I felt no need to expound on them today. I still have to work out the details with HR. I am glad it is finally over. It has been an interesting run, without that place, I wouldn't have met my husband lived in CA, or MD. I have also made some good friends and had some experiences I wouldn't trade in for the world. My lovely husband today called me unemployed, then told me since I didn't want to work, technically, I am not unemployed, you have to want to work to be unemployed. I think maybe he has taken one to many business classes!
I hope to find some Mommy groups to join, so we can get out of the house. One thing I know, I need conversation with adults, unfortunately, Eric does not count! (He is an adult, but I can't expect to call him at work every time I need to converse!) I met with the New Moms again today. It was a nice experience, the first day we went, it was like weird and awkward feeling, but today was different. We exchanged email addresses and phone numbers and I might never talk to them again, but it was nice. I do hope that I see them again, they were all very nice. I did have a funny experience one of the women called me Gwen, then Gwen's Mommy since she couldn't remember my name. It caused me to remember something I remember my Mom saying when I was younger, as a child she was known as 'Dottie's daughter', then she became 'Melanie's Mom', now she is 'Gwen's Grandma', sorry Mom, Eric and I made you another alliteration, somehow I don't think you mind. :)

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