Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A bust!

Well, I have been trying to post some more pictures today, but the stars are not aligned for pictures today, or at least they haven't been for an hour! Hopefully sometime this evening they will be aligned for pictures, since I have been told that is the only reason people check the blog. This blog was intended to house pictures yes, but it is also importantly somewhere I can write about how the day-to-day is, since I don't always get a chance to talk to anyone besides the husband, and he can only hear of this stuff so much, you know.
Things have been going well here, busy, but well. Gwen's baptism is this weekend and I am preparing to work for 2 weeks. Plus, we haven't really recovered from being gone. Ok, maybe Gwen has, but I have not. The idea of going to the grocery store seemed so less improtant than everything else, but we have finally gone, so things are 'back to normal' until this weekend when everything will be topsy-turvy again. What can a girl do? This week it has been my goal to get Gwen to reach for stuff. I am convinced when she feels with her hands that things are different textures she will want to touch them and grab for things. So, now when she is studying something intently, I take her hand and make her feel it. Today I took her outside to my minature orange tree and she touched the pot (which is about half her height) so, she leaned on it and was staring at the 'tree', she leaned forward and I bent over to see what she was doing and she was licking the leaf! Oops. Mommy apparently needs to learn how to see through her. I guess I am not ready for the everything in the mouth phase, but I guess it is coming sooner than I expect. Hopefully we will have pictures posted soon. Blogger seems to be having an issue with that right now.

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