Monday, August 10, 2009


was one of those days that had a very weird vibe. We are trying to put the kids in the same room, but we picked a really bad time! Gwen and Nate both have colds, I think. So Nate is getting up in the middle of the night, kind of cranky, not super fun. Nate's hand is looking better, we went back to the Dr on Friday, he gave us a topical cream to put on it and Eric thinks it is looking better, I am not happy with how slow I feel like it is healing. We are going to Gwen's 3 year appointment tomorrow, she turned 37 months today, so I am only a month behind; we are going to see the same Dr who originally saw Nate's hand. Today, Nate slept until 8:30, which is really bizarre and throws off the entire schedule for the day.
Today we walked down to the movie store to return a movie Eric rented, it is like a mile from the house, I went about 10am so we didn't get home until 11:30, (we also stopped by the grocery store to pick up more milk.) Nate was pretty ticked by then. So I put him down for a nap. I am not real sure he went down, Gwen and I watched Sesame Street and then I noticed she was warm, really warm. I took her temp...100.3 it made her ANGRY and she started crying. I had to calm her down and she just wanted to be carried, but it was time for lunch and Nate was awake. So I made us some lunch, which she hardly touched and made her go down for a nap, telling her we would watch a movie if she stayed in the room. Thankfully she did nap and Nate and I played and I was finally able to start some laundry! Then I put Nate down, and then Gwen woke up. I started making yogurt, again. We talked to Mom and then the power went off. Of course by then it was dinner time and really, staying in the house with 2 feisty, snot nosed kids and a hungry family trying to figure out what non-cooking thing we could make, oh did I mention that the previous owners had a think set up in the house that when the power went off beeped periodically to let you know it was out!? Yep, out to dinner we went!
Kids are now in bed (separate rooms!) and the power is back on, everyone is fed, bathed and happy? I hope tomorrow doesn't bring any drama! I did have a nice chat with the neighbor who gave me a run down on some local plants/nursery and more importantly info about her blueberry bushes! If only I could remember what species she has, hopefully it will be one of those see/remember things! Have a good night!

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