Monday, August 10, 2009

Backlog, star date May 2009!

These pictures are from the day after the other pictures, apparently Nate was just walking...Eric was outside working, we had just water the "grass" we had planted and Nate, being the crazy kid that he is, just stood there in the water and got soaked, he loved it!
The kids had the best time playing in the playhouse. Nate was really enjoying being able to go in and out and i think Gwen enjoyed having him to play with in the house. They still really both enjoy that thing.
Making us up some dinner on the stove.
Nate found the back escape hatch!

Hi everyone!
Gwen has on one of my old bathing suits, because she was using it as a sling for her baby, feeding it and such. I don't know why she uses my old bathing suits, but she loves to use them for that purpose...have I mentioned her imagination yet?
By far the best activity of the house, being able to see each other and close the other one it, hours, ok minutes of entertainment, but they will do it over and over each time they get out there to that thing, in and out, open and close!
Hi again!
Me and my Dad, do we look alike?
We are still having a problem determining who Nate looks appears to be pretty obvious that Gwen is a mini-me (to everyone but me of course), but in this picture it actually looks like Nate has Eric's nose! Huh, he might actually be one of ours...I mean the only person in this family that can really claim him is my Grandpa, blue eyes and blond hair!

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