Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In an effort to save money and because Eric thinks he can do it, we bought one of those at home haircut/shaver kits from Target. Nate really needed a haircut, and now, by the time I have gotten to this post he needs another one! This is only his second haircut, I think. Here is Nate, before the deed! Doesn't even know what he is getting into, poor little guy!

Eric tried to hold him down to do it, Nate not so fond of that technique.
I don't think Eric took any off the very top, just trimmed off the back, so he didn't look so shaggy.
He finished the rest of the haircut outside. I think you can actually see most of the cut in the next photo.
Not bad, looks cute, now if we could just get him to stay still!
Since we got the kit and it had scissors, I thought I would try Gwen's hair. Man she was difficult, it is so not straight, but fortunately, she doesn't have any bangs or anything, so no one can tell! YAY!
Also, she wouldn't stay still, but I did get this shot!

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