Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Sunday, we decided to not to work on the yard at all, we decided to go to a free outdoor concert thing. They closed down part of the town of Carborro, a street or two. They had free stuff for the kids. Nate enjoyed the cones!
Here are Eric and Gwen in the line for the big slide...
Nate still enjoying the cone.
Here they are going up; Eric had to help Gwen.

Sadly, Nate was still playing with the cone and I missed Gwen going down the slide.
Then I had to get Gwen down and missed Eric going down the slide.
Lots of people had dogs, have I mentioned my kids like to look and sometimes touch the pets.
They also like dance to the music. (Side note since Eric let Gwen watch Sleeping Beauty, Gwen now dances holding her dress, whether she is wearing a dress or not, also she often closes her eyes like Sleeping Beauty apparently did!)
They were so exhausted, Gwen fell asleep shortly after Eric started the car, of course, we are only a couple minutes away from where the concert was, so it was really just a cat nap.
Before bed here my kids are reading a book together, aren't they cute! So sweet...
I tried to get a couple of minutes of Nate dancing...he was so funny, he heard the music and squeezed his way out of Eric's hands and started dancing, sadly my camera skills were too slow to get most of the dancing.

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