Monday, September 21, 2009

Candied apples

It was kind of rainy looking around here, and I thought we would like to make Caramel Apples. Seemed like a fun thing to do, plus Eric loves them! We didn't get to it last week, so I thought, maybe Sat while Eric was working out in the yard, I thought it would keep the kids out of his hair.
Here is Gwen getting the toppings together.

Sadly Eric was so excited, he wanted to help, so my plan to keep the kids out of his "hair" didn't work. :(

Here is the first apple, it looks good, yes?
Gwen trying her hand at it.
She so wants to do this...Daddy, please!
The leftovers, Gwen got to eat them, straight off the spoon, she was in heaven.
Nate, well, he actually didn't get to help but he squealed until he got to sit in the lap and enjoy the leftovers.

I went to do something after I got the kids up from naps, possibly throw away a dirty diaper, and this is the scene I found, actually, this wasn't the exact scene, but I had to get the camera, and Gwen got in on the action! Nate crawled onto the chair, by himself! He is becoming quite the little climber...
It seems I might have a worse problem with Nate trying to get at the sweets. :( But I should mention, that after I moved the apples away from the chairs more towards the center of the table, he crawled up onto the table!!!! I moved them off that then, but if you might notice, we may have overloaded the apples with caramel (or toppings) either way, the apples looked rather sad and we have to work on our technique. Which Eric doesn't mind, since he figures that means more apples for him!

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