Friday, September 18, 2009


While Grandmom was here we asked her what she wanted to do, one of the things she said she'd like to do was go for yogurt/ice cream, she was looking for a dairy queen, I suspect, but we don't actually have one near us. We have a Rita's about 5 minutes away from us, so we took her there. It's not actually ice cream or yogurt, it is custard and italian ice, and rather yummy!!! I would highly recommend it if you have one near you. Nate would also like to recommend it as you can see.

Here is Gwen enjoying hers, she got apple gelati. It tasted just like apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top...yummy! (I got strawberry there were bits of strawberry in it!!)

I don't know that these pictures can actually show how funny and excited Nate was, I mean he was squealing and I never actually got the look that I wanted, he would eat some, and then make this face like this stuff is nasty (probably because Eric got Swedish fish flavor!) and then giggle and smile (or squeal) and start the whole process over again. So hilarious!

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