Friday, September 11, 2009


I can't decide what pictures to post (I finally found my camera), so I have decided to do them in backwards is the only thing I could think of, there are so many good ones! Here are some pictures of Gwen "helping" me.
I told her we were going outside and to put her shoes on, she decided to help Nate first, but she didn't actually get very far!
Gwen has this skirt that she thinks should be worn as a dress. I really wish that I could have gotten the picture of the first time she did this...she put the skirt on like she has it now and she had the shirt down around her waist. Now I give her some leeway with clothes, she does sometimes go out with dresses on backwards and non matching clothes. But the skirt/shirt combo I could not hang with. Usually when she picks out this skirt she has to wear it around like this while she carries her babies. She is a nut!
Eric thinks this picture is a glimpse into our future of what she will look like.
I guess I should take the time to give you a little info into what Gwen is like these days. Can I tell you how sneaky she is! Oh my! She is having a little trouble adjusting to life since Grandmom has left and so she is not napping and a little whiny and crazy! Yesterday she decided she would not take a nap, so this is what my sneaky little child did...we don't have her in a diaper during nap time, she knows that if she has to go bathroom she is allowed to get out and go, so what she was doing was leaving the room, going in the bathroom turning on the light, shutting the door and then finding her elsewhere in the house...have I mentioned I am going to have to take up the drinking when she gets older, or maybe now. (ok I am kidding, but I will have to find some kind of outlet for the stress she is going to cause me!)

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