Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Today we started out pretty early, Gwen woke up early to potty and found some eggs, we tried to get them to go back to sleep but we realized it wasn't going to happen. We started the egg hunt at about 6:30am. The kids really enjoyed hunting for eggs, I took a video of the craziness.  Nate insisted on wearing his shoes and socks.  I think they were both still asleep.
Since we started the egg hunt so early, we were ready in plenty of time for Church.  We got our normal seats, the kids were really good, we let them have 1 piece of candy before we left for Church and then we let them pick out candy to take to Church, Gwen put an egg in her purse filled with candy and Nate brought some Peeps, which he left in the car.
Gwen asked if we could decorate Easter Eggs, which we didn't get to yesterday.  So today we did that after lunch.  The kids seemed to enjoy the day.  I think they hid and found eggs several times today.  Here's a slideshow from today.  
Thanks to Grandmom for the candy and the Easter clothes!

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