Wednesday, April 04, 2012


To continue the backlog of pictures here we have Gwen's next school project, making an animal/creature to be 3D out of simple 3D shapes so the kids could learn about 3D.  I decided not to go to the store and buy stuff, so I gathered some objects and Gwen and I went to work!  I had to help her cut out the fabric, it was a little to strong, but she glued it and did everything else. 
Ella the elephant
We used a yarn ball, water bottle, toilet paper rolls string and a cord hider thingy.  Gwen and I got it most of the way done over a couple days.  But it was a little top heavy and we hadn't attached tusks or a tail, so I tasked Eric to help her finish.  I think I turned out pretty well!  They glued it onto some cardboard and now it stands up!
Gwen sometimes chooses to do her own hair for school.  It cracks me up because she uses about 5 bows or something like that.  I thought Mom would appreciate this picture, especially if you've seen the picture of me from preschool, where I did my own hair! 
I do my own hair!

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