Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I guess I should have to say, that just because you are a second time Mom and just because it was a short 2 yrs ago since my older child was this age, doesn't make me any smarter. Part of that might be sleep deprivation, although I am pretty sure I am not sleep deprived, really. I might be getting up a little more than usual, but I have finally gotten to the bottom of the what is bothering baby Nate! Can we say teething!? DUH! (do you see the drool?)

So, yesterday I was in a panic becuase poor baby Nate had a stuffy nose, I was confused though because he didn't seem to have any other symptoms of a cold, he wasn't feverish, didn't really act like he didn't feel well, just was stuffy. (the bulb unfortunately got some good use, and crazy enough, he didn't really seem to mind, after he got used to it! FYI not a good thing to try in the dark at 2am). Today he seemed fine. Yesterday when I dropped him of at my friend's house for swim class he was fine, but by the time I got back he had apparently been crying for 30 minutes, but when I put him in the car with his chew toy he stopped crying and was fine when we got home. Strange. But it wasn't until this morning that I put it all together, maybe he is teething. And we checked his mouth and low and behold it looks like 2 of his bottom teeth are trying to make their way through his gums. Huh! Wish I would have thought of that before. So, let us hope that when this teething bout is done he starts sleeping better again!
This weekend we finally made it to build-a-bear to make baby Nate's bear, except we decided on a turtle. He just doesn't seem like the bear type. Gwen seemed a little overwhelmed and grabbed herself a doll to stuff as soon as we got there...unfortunately for her we did not get it for her, she does not need another doll! She wouldn't help stuff the turtle, which let's face it the loudness of that stuffing machine is a little dauting! But, she did pick out the heart to put in, and now has his own heartbeat turtle...which for those of you that think that we knew the baby's sex but didn't tell you, should I mention we did Gwen's bear ahead of time and put her name write on the "birth certificate", but had we known Nate was going to be a boy we would have done the same thing. More excitment this week, baby Nate is able to sit in the high chair and "join" us for dinner. We have not started solids, although I am sure that at tomorrow's Dr's appt they will talk to me about it, but I don't think we are going to start him yet, especially with the teething. Probably next month when he is a little older!
Today when I was attending to Nate upstairs I heard some strange noises and this is what I found! I am still not quite clear how she got in there, but following this picture is a video snippet of what my day is like with Gwen.

Next we bring you our post nap "routine". As I have said previously Nate is usually awake when I get Gwen from her nap, Gwen likes for Nate to come into her crib with her and talk to him about stuff. She gets real mad when I tell her time is up, it is time for Nate's nap and I am going to put him in his own crib. She gets over it though.

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