Thursday, October 09, 2008

Backlog, again

So, I feel like I am losing a constant battle, either I am behind on housework, sleep, blogging or facebook, much less the projects I have lined up! Do you know that I have had to pack away both Gwen and Nate's old clothes and I think in the process I have packed up one of our pillow covers. Of course it is less packing and more stuffing the clothes in a box to be sorted later, which is how the pillowcase became lost in the first place! Now I realize that if I just took the time to get the stuff out of the cave I could take care of it but now my Mom is coming next week and I know she will help me organize so I guess we will go without the pillowcase for just a little while longer! The kids don't seem to mind! This is before going to class.
So, what has been going on, Nate has started sleeping again, yeah! I think the issues were mostly my fault. He is in the distracted phase...if you nursed you know what I am talking about...I would get impatient/think he was done eating, but no he was distracted, with Gwen I could use the nursing time to do some reading and I was trying to do that with Nate, but he was having nothing to do with it. He wants my full attention! Sometimes you forget these things and then with the lack of sleep you get delirious.
I was trying to get a picture of Nate staring at his fingers, 'cause he just realized they are his in the last month or so, sometimes he likes to stare at them. So cute.
Nate is still the sweetest baby ever! I am starting to get this house under control again, but some days are more challenging than others. Nate is taking naps in his crib, AWESOME! but I never know how long that nap is going to be. Today it was 4 hours, yesterday 2. Hard to plan around that schedule. I try to keep our afternoons trip free, so I don't interfere with either kids naps, especially while trying to work out a schedule for Nate. Except Mondays, when Gwen has swim class. Gwen's swim class is going much better than expected, especially after the first week. She is starting to participate without much prodding from me, always a benefit. This gives me hope that one day I can advance her to the next class and I won't have to don a bathing suit! Of course by then I WILL have lost all this baby weight and I won't care.
My birthday weekend, we went to a restaurant that had one of those claw things for the stuffed animals, where you put your money in...yeah, I know we know how to live it up! Eric had an excess of quarters so he decided to try the claw thing with Gwen...she had her eye on this bumble bee and as you can tell from the picture she won the bumble bee! Have you ever known anyone to get anything out of one of those things? Eric lined it up into where he thought it should drop and then she wiggled the handle and got the bumble bee. (she almost won a fish also, but it was small and when the thing jerked it fell out.) She would not let it go and the whole weekend and talked about it. I kept singing, "I am bringing home my baby bumble bee, won't my Mommy be so proud of me." Every time someone says bumble bee I break into song...Andrew, Liesa and Deanna would be so proud! (See Kara not hard to incorporate random stuff about college friends in a post.) ;0) The nice thing about our "schedule" is that I get some one on one time with Nate and Gwen often while the other is napping. One day I popped Nate in the exersaucer and snapped some pictures. The thing about Nate is that he is still a little unstable so he bounces around a lot. Often when I come up on him and he notices me he does this with his arms and flashes me a big gummy smile!
Extreme close-up...eyes still blue!
This is from the morning of my birthday, Eric decided to make breakfast, obviously Gwen decided to help. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her "stirring" and the other pictures I won't post cause Eric didn't have his shirt on, and I think he would get mad at me!
The following series of pictures is from my birthday "cake". Eric bought me a blueberry pie because he knows I am into everything that is blueberry following this outing. And now that I looked up that post I am sad I didn't get more blueberries, boy do I miss those frozen blueberries!

She wouldn't eat most of the blueberries, but she would lick the sugary sauce off the blueberry and put the blueberry elsewhere. I do think she ate some of the blueberries. And as you can tell there is no pie crust to be found!
So, as you can read we are slowly getting into the groove of 2 children, it helps to have 2 sweet and cute kids. Gwen will keep us laughing and Nate will keep us smiling.

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