Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving the pumpkins

Eric tells me that he hates winter and believes that as soon as it dips below 70 it is winter...he starts moaning about winter coming long about June. What does this have to do with carving pumpkins you ask? He seems to forget about fall/autumn/the month of October, which I think is his favorite month...not just because it is my birthday month, the month we started dating or the month we got engaged, but because it is the month that has apple cider/pumpkin pie available, pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, corn mazes and Halloween. I am beginning to wonder if he loves this holiday more than he likes Christmas? Does anyone else wonder when he is going to start dressing up for Halloween, when he takes the kids trick or treating? Becuase I forsee this is going to be how it is, I am going to be at home passing out candy and Eric will be dressed up taking the kids trick or treating, or will he dress up and pass out candy, I don't know. Eric also really seems to enjoy carving the pumpkins, which is why is pumpkin is sitting outside all moldy because he carved it almost 2 weeks ago. This weekend I broke down and carved my pumpkin and Eric carved Gwens...she requested a pumpkin with a big smiley face. He did as she requested and although I have no pictures to post of our pumpkins, I do have pictures of Gwen helping Eric pull out the guts! Why did Nate not help, I am pretty sure it was because he was sleeping.

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