Thursday, October 02, 2008


Since I have devoted some time to Gwen I guess it is only fair I speak of Nate also. He is certainly my sweet boy. He is getting to be a good crib sleeper. We are still working out a schedule. I am not sure what is going to be, we'll let you know! Nate is now able to roll from his back onto his front from either the left or right side, but he seems to have no desire to roll the other way (front to back). He seems to love tummy time, so much so, that he now sleeps on his belly. This is causing some problems for us, he keeps peeing through his diapers!
I am beginning to suspect that Nate is starting to teethe. He is drooling a lot and prefers biting on my finger a pastime that never placated him before. This is also causing a problem, because if he hasn't peed through his diaper he has drooled all over the sheets! Blast him! I don't have that many sheets and I don't want to do that much laundry. But if this is his only transgression, more laundry, than I will keep him and snuggle with him, 'cause he is a good cuddler!

Isn't he just the sweetest thing ever! Look at how he sleeps with his tush in the air! I was going to not post anything about Gwen today, but when I downloaded the pictures I must say, how cute is she...I could not resist posting Gwen checking out Nate's Baptismal gifts.
She loves that cross, and I am super concerned that she is going to break the lamb right off!

Eric believes she looks like a doorman in this outfit. I think she is super cute, what does he know!?

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maFitz said...

Great pics!! Gwen and Nate are awesome - so cute and huggable!!
Loved the pics of Dutch Wonderland - brought back memories. We went there when Anne was 4 years old!! Hasn't changed much - 26 years later!! ;)
Love ya!
War Eagle!