Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sleepy baby

I have noticed that Nate has been sleeping on his back the last couple of days, I haven't figured out if that was sheer laziness on his part, or it had to do with the sickness and he just didn't have the desire to lay on his belly, but today I went into our room at naptime and this is what I found... I don't think the top view of this really does it justice, so I will show you the view from the side!
Isn't that just the cutest thing! I never really understood the things on the butt for this age, but hilarous, at least I think so! At first, after Nate's dr's appt I thought gosh he is getting big, but how big he is getting really was put into prospective for me today when we were talking about car seats. If Nate continues to grow at this pace, which he won't likely BTW, breastfeed babies pack on weight in the first 6 or so months and then taper off, formula feed babies I think have a more even weight gain. But, if he were to grow at this pace we would have to buy him a new carseat for Christmas, I think our carseat goes to 20-22lbs. Gwen got her new carseat at 9 mon, but we could have waited a little longer. I am glad to hear there are some cute little petite girls out there for our strapping young man!
In other news, Grandmom, I thought you would like to hear a story about Gwen's dolls. Gwen has many dolls, as I have alluded too, all of these dolls are naked. The first thing she would do when she would get a doll is strip them! "Clothes off" she would say (cause she was little then!) but yesterday we were upstairs and she told me baby needed clothes (cause they don't have names, yet) because she was cold! I said ok, let's look for the clothes. And, she insisted I put clothes on her babies (after about 10 months of nakedness!) I dressed all her babies. Then she decided she wanted to go on the back deck and as soon as she got out there she started stripping the baby again...I guess she was warmed up enough! But that is only 1 stripped baby, the rest of them are still clothed. (Grandmom often asks the status of the naked babies clothes!)
Gwen also might have a cold. I don't know for sure, she is coughing some and very stuffy, but I have heard that many of my friends who have bad allergies are also suffering as there has been a change of seasons. So, Nate appears better, and Gwen although not acting sick has a runny nose. Not much else excitement around here, but I am wondering if we should have a poll to see how long it is before Nate is bigger than Gwen...he only has about 8lbs and 7in to go! I don't know if he will, because I think the slow down in growth is coming. Have I mentioned he is trying to crawl? Obviously from the second picture you can see he gets practice getting his legs under him, if he gets himself some traction he is going to be on the go and then we will be in trouble! He is currently moving backwards a smidge, so soon I will have a Kara post about chasing Nate around the house moving crayons and whatnot out of the way! Dude, we need to re-baby proof! (I don't honestly think he will be crawling before 6months, but the CRNP said he might be an early walker when she stood him up, I hope so, because he will likely be pretty heavy at a year!)


ellen said...

He's huge!

Maddie makes 4 said...

I love the 1st butt shot!