Friday, October 10, 2008

27 months

Today Gwen is 27 months. I was thinking there is a point when I don't need to tell you about how much she has changed in a month, because she hasn't changed, but we aren't there yet! This month has brought some new is the month of MINE, my and other possessives. Everything is "mine" I am beginning to suspect that I might not be the best teacher of that is not YOURS, it is MINE! I think this is where my being an only child really hinders my parenting. I am not sure I really know how to teach Gwen how to share, let's face I have never really liked to share!
This I realize is not my only difficulty in being a Mom, my lack of patience is really going to hinder me. We are now also in the phase of "what is .... doing?" ... = whatever she sees or desires to talk about. Sometimes she will ask me over and over what is the guy doing? I then realize I am not giving her the right answer and I ask her and she tells me and we move on. Now this doesn't always work, otherwise I would go right to the question. As Eric said this morning she makes me tired, what I think he meant to say is her "what is ... doing?" questions were sucking the life out of him. This will hopefully prepare us for the "why?" phase.

Now that I have all the "negatives" out of the way, Gwen has so much to say and it is often humorous because as she learns what words mean she says so funny stuff. The other day we called Eric and left him a message, she insisted! Then she actually talked on the phone and told him stuff, like I love you! So sweet. I ask her in the mornings what she dreamed about and she'll say, Daddy hugged me. Or she will tell me last night for dinner she ate cereal. She wishes!

The signing and dancing still is hilarious. The other day one of the versions of the alphabet song came on and Gwen did about 1/3 of the letters, Eric and I were shocked. Her knowledge of such things often amazes us.
Gwen has started talking to more people. She still kills me though, we were waiting for the car and she was excitingly telling this elderly woman next to us that she saw a train on the way to the car place, but when the woman asked her how old she was she "melted" into me. And didn't want to talk to her. I tried to explain to her, you started talking to her, you should respond when she talks to you. Oh, well, maybe one day!
Gwen has now been to 2 swim classes and she is doing much better. She is participating, maybe not when the instructor is looking, but she is actually blowing bubbles and doing alligators and what not. And in closing, I have nothing, but for those of you who made it this far get rewarded with a video!

I won't tell you who she is mimicking!

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