Saturday, October 11, 2008

4 months

Unlike Gwen, Nate has made significant strides in his overall life! As I mentioned previously we are still working out the kinks...I have been dealing with more sleep deprivation, but mostly of my own doing. I need to go to bed earlier! Nate has started to sit up assisted, I think they call it...this means he can sit up for a couple minutes while using his arms before he flops over. As you can see by the next series of pictures. I have been steadily sitting him up so he can practice.

Nate is also getting good at holding stuff in his hands. He can grasp things and still hasn't mastered the idea that his hands can control the object and make noises. But I don't think that is something he will understand until later.
Nate LOVES to be bounced. I put him on my legs and sing little songs and he laughs pretty hard. So funny. He has a big drolly gummy smile! If he stays this sweet all the ladies are going to love him!
Nate is showing some interest in crawling. He can get his feet up under him and today he was crying because he had actually gone backwards about an inch from where he wanted to be. But he couldn't reach his toy any longer. Poor little man. I know it will be a while before he is really crawling, but he is definitely moving in that direction! Lets just see if he goes forward first, or continues in his backward quest. Despite the being upset for a minute today, he is still a happy and mellow baby. He only cries for a reason, which is a nice change from his older sister. I can usually figure out rather quickly what he wants.

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