Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dr. appt

Here are the vital stats:
Weight: 17lb 13oz (90%-95%)
Height: 26.25in (90%)
How does this compare to his 2 months stats...that is a whopping 4lb, 8oz. and 2.5in. I guess we should expect that being that averages to just over 2 lb and 1in gain a month, but still, does this explain why I have to put away all his 3-6mon clothes!
In other news, Nate is super above average in all other skills. The CRNP said Nate was right on track, but I think she meant early, cause the nurse seemed shocked he could sit to get his weight checked! I mean I am just interpreting here, but that is what I suspect she meant. :)

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Aardvark said...

OMG! Penelope is 6 mo and weighed 12lbs 4oz last Thursday at the doc! What a big boy! And being able to sit up at 4 months is amazing! He is gifted.