Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Organize this

So, how are you doing? I am super tired and busy! Is anyone else thinking maybe I shouldn't have mentioned to my Mom that I needed to clean/organize some stuff while she was here? Dude, I am tired. Maybe it is just today, I spent a lot of time hunched over looking for stuff and finding stuff and reorganizing where stuff was. Watch out cave, I am really on fire to throw out some more crap! (FYI-the cave is the area under the foyer that we use for storage) Granted, we have had some fun, hung out with the kids, but seriously, I have organized and cleaned out some stuff, and now I have some empty spaces, so I can buy more stuff with my gift cards! Not clutter mind you, clothes!
During this time we have established that fall organizing is necessary if you have been pregnant and you just couldn't get to stuff. We also know that it is important to be ready to toss stuff, you can't be forced. It is also very helpful to have someone around you likes to organize and clean to help you get the fever. And most important it is helpful to have an extra set of hands in case some one wakes up early from a nap.
In other news, it is important when you are holding a prewalker on a hardwood floor, it is important to make sure he is wearing socks with some sort of resistance or he will be doing the splits! BTW-he won't care that he is doing the splits. He might even think it is funny.
And, have I mentioned that baby Nate is now sitting up unassisted? He is also rolling front to back. Does anyone else feel like baby Nate is growing to fast and blowing through all his gross motor milestones? Should he be able to sit up at 4.5 months? I didn't feel this way about Gwen did I? Does anybody remember? I went back to look and I didn't seem to care how fast Gwen was moving through the milestones, I was so excited that she as my first child was on time/a few days early that I didn't care how quickly the milestones come. But, I guess after having a child already you know that Nate going backwards leads to crawling and I will some how have to figure out how to keep the little pieces of crap off the floor...this was much easier when I didn't have Gwen dropping stuff on the floor, like crayons.
I just realized I posted the same picture 2x, but not really, the last 2 pictures were taken by Mom and we seemed to have gotten almost the same picture of Nate the Great! Wait til you see his winter hat!

Hope ya'all are having a great week. Maybe we will soon be posting more pictures. Maybe some that feature Gwen?

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