Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Home from our walk

Sometimes, if we are having a good day, ok our walks are not dependent on good day, our walks are more dependent on whether we have enough time after dinner and Nate is not screaming FEED ME and put me to sleep. Usually I would put Nate in the sling, but Eric has been taking him in the Snuggli. Nate is so cute, I can't help but take pictures. Here is the walk from a couple nights ago. I am certainly not used to having a child whose head is not huge, Grandmom bought a hat for Nate that should fit 3-9mon and it is too big for Nate! But have I mentioned he has grown out of 3-6m sleepers! But anyways, look how cute he is!
As you can tell, he loves to eat on the Snuggli! Here we are coming back from today's walk.

You can't tell from that picture that Gwen tries to run us ragged on the our walk, she was full of energy today!

Nate has had a difficult time sleeping the last couple of nights, I don't know what is going on. I guess it is not technically a difficulty sleeping it is more of a difficulty staying to sleep. He was waking up every 3hrs or less. This causes problems for me, I am only used to 1 -2 times getting up, I don't readjust well, esp 3 nights in a row. Eric came home today and announced that Nate was larger today. One of the theories was that he is going through a growth spurt. He hasn't woken up yet, so hopefully I have fixed whatever has been his problem. I hope he is not having a teething problem!

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