Sunday, March 11, 2007

8 months

Yesterday Gwen turned 8 months. Can you believe it? Sometimes it is hard to believe she is that old. We still haven't made much more progress with crawling. I am beginning to suspect she will never actually crawl on her hands and knees like most babies. She can get on her hands and knees, she just doesn't move like you would when you crawl. She powers forward with her arms or does the inchworm flop. She definitely gets where she wants to go, so why crawl like you are supposed to, oh well.
Gwen has turned into a real Mommy's girl. At home I never really noticed, but this has become very obvious this trip. She is not a go to strangers baby at this point, well technically she won't go to my Mom, who she has seen numerous times. She will let go of me for a while and play, but I need to stay in the room, I have noticed this at home when Eric isn't home, she hates when I leave the room for a minute, just cries and cries and cries. Hopefully this separation anxiety won't last forever, I would like to go to refill my water or whatever without having to listen to screams!
Gwen still is not eating solid foods, she just clamps her mouth shut and wants nothing to do with them. I am hoping once she gets teeth that will change, but sometimes I wonder if she will ever stop nursing! But, then I realize the sweet baby cuddling will end with the nursing, so maybe I don't want it to be over so soon!
Now, from all I have said so far you would think is a terrible baby. She's not, she's just stubborn and knows what she wants. She is still giggly and cute and cuddly and I could go on gushing about her sweetness. She is generally a very happy baby and quite the chatterbox. She is often cooing and chatting away, I sometimes wonder if Eric & I will ever need to talk once she learns how. Hard to believe how far she has come in the last 8 months, who knows what the next month will bring!

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