Monday, March 12, 2007

Bushnell: the meeting of the last birthday buddy

Yesterday we drove up to Bushnell, FL. Not a bad drive really, but a long drive with Gwen, nonetheless. On the way to Bushnell, she was fine for the first 2 hours, the last 30 minutes, were quite tough! Gwen was finally able to meet cousin Jan, the last of the four birthday buddies. She also met cousin Jim (husband), Great Great Aunt Norma and Aunt Norma's sister Nelda. Gwen was in rare form and refused to take a nap. She was very charming, it seems her attitude towards people improves everyday of this trip. She played on the floor and became VERY excited over the cats and dog. One day I will have to try and get the squeals of joy on tape.
Cousin Jan and Nelda in the background.
Uh oh, Jan tried to pick up Gwen to get pictures, and Gwen realizes I am behind the camera, Grandma is standing next to me, so who is holding me?

Jim kept trying to hold her, he thought he could use the dog, who he is pointing to in this picture as a way to get Gwen to be okay with him holding her.
I don't think it worked!
So, today we are back in FMY, Mom went to work and I think we have more visitors stopping by today. Gwen, is napping now, and I am going to have lunch, probably outside! Have a great day.

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