Monday, April 09, 2007

Toothbrush and visitors

I think Gwen's second tooth has popped up. I hope this means the end of the pain associated wit the tooth, I could use a less clingy baby! Today I was brushing my teeth and she also wanted to brush her teeth. I don't know how good of a job she did because it looks like she just wants to eat the brush, but at least I was able to brush my teeth and she wasn't crying!

Today we had a visit from Brooke and Eric, the godfather, and birthday buddy. They are looking for housing in Frederick. YEA! Gwen was fascinated with Brooke, she especially liked her shoes, she talked to Brooke and smiled at her and touched her shoes...they had pink elephants!
She was also less skeptical of Eric this visit. He could not believe the change in Gwen. He last visited in Feb. She was very charming and cute she even did all her 'tricks'.
I forgot to mention some things in yesterday's Easter post. I had been talking about doing the White House Easter Roll. I asked one of my girlfriends, who lives in VA if she wanted to go. She got back to me last week and said she would be in town and she would love to go. She has kids that would actually be age appropriate for this event. We spoke on Friday and I decided Gwen and I would not go. I found out that people camped out for this event to pick up the tickets on Sat morning, its a first come first served thing and it was going to be very cold and possibly snow (which according to my Uncle it did snow in VA, but we didn't have any!). We were going to meet about 5am Saturday morning, when I thought I could take the metro and go, no problem, but when I found out the metro didn't run and I was going to have to drive in DC that cemented the deal for me (and Eric). This morning when I realized how cold it was I was very glad of the decision I made. Gwen is too young to enjoy the event and it was cold!
I do also want to mention that Gwen did get an Easter basket. We didn't get her a whole lot because I had been planning on doing the Roll, but she got some stuff she seems to enjoy chewing on, so she must love it, right! We got her a little spade and hoe for the garden, in cute bright colors, so she can help me garden, a little book about Peter Rabbit, the bunny ears and something else I can't remember. She received more books and bunnies/ducks from Grandmas and great great Aunt, so I didn't get her that stuff. But, I thought I should mention the Easter basket, so you would know!

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