Tuesday, April 10, 2007

9 months

Today Miss Gwen is 9 months! We are breaching the area of longer being outside in the world longer than inside my belly. Gwen is a girl on the move this month. We have ventured out of the sit Gwen down and she will stay put. Within a couple minutes, who am I kidding seconds Gwen is on her belly crawling around.She is exerting her want although she makes it seems like a need to stand up and walk around. She will still sit on the floor and play with her toys, but she does like to walk me around the house and see the things that she hasn't seen before. She often gets upset if she is crawling around and not walking. She just wants to hold onto your fingers and walk!
The baby gates are up! Now we are working on babyproofing other parts of the house, like the drawers with cords. Gwen LOVES cords. We are also putting up the straps that make sure bureaus don't fall her. Who knew she was going to love pulling open drawers. I mean we don't have any closets so the only place I have to store things is drawers. Thanks kid!
Gwen still loves to charm people. She still squeals and giggles when she sees people, but now she adds in making faces. Eric says she has the same expressions as the 3 stooges. His goal is to get a picture of each of those expressions.
Gwen loves wind! If she is upset and you blow in her face she just giggles and giggles. I think she has the potential to really love the sit-and-spin, but she just doesn't have the strength/coordination to use it. I will load the video one of these days so you can see it.Here is a preview of Gwen's expressions that Eric has captured so far. She is not upset in any of these pictures, just making faces! What a nut/ham!

All photos, taken by Eric, except that one he is in! Well the princess is awake. Time to go!

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