Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We've had a lot of interesting new developments in the last couple of days. Sunday night Gwen got her 3rd Made for a very long night for me, but should be exciting to see her next little tooth.
The other night when I was posting and uploading the following video and pictures. We realized that our laptop was dying. Apparently the computer no longer wanted to be able to charge, for a while the computer has been acting like a pain, would shut off right when I was in the middle of a post and do other crazy things like lock up. So, Eric and I dreamily went to stores and looked at laptops, but decided to wait until our laptop died. Monday night we realized that the little plug in the the computer that held in the power cord had broken off (where, I don't know, but hopefully in the computer, 'cause I need to find it before Gwen eats it!) so Tues I went and got us a new laptop. It is so nice! We are still adjusting to Vista, and let me tell you that it is just like these ads. After watching this ad it gives me hope...we can turn off that feature, now I just have to find it!
But, on to the pictures, that I never got to post...sorry Reyna! Reyna and Riley visited us last week for the first time in I don't know, seems like ever. The following pictures and video show us that a good time was had by all. Maybe now that spring is here we will see more of them!

Riley tried out Gwen's jumper...she doesn't have much interest yet, but I am sure she will soon...although she did tell us it tasted yummy!

Here are some videos:
This first is the Gwen/Riley video

This is Gwen and I playing Patty-cake.

She now knows to hold her hands up and if I am trying to play patty-cake to distract her from something else she gets back up when we get to the baker rolling part. But, she does seem to like playing patty-cake.

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