Friday, April 13, 2007

Another story

While they are installing the new counter tops and Gwen is sleeping I thought I would post! I have another funny story about Gwen, cause she is such a nut! Yesterday while I was getting ready to leave sweet baby Gwen was standing near the bed, it has a spot that she can use to walk across, I have found that since she is almost mobile, putting her somewhere she can stand by herself gives me enough time to put my shoes and socks on. While I was putting on my shoes and socks she noticed the remote, it was apparently a little too far for her to walk, so she decided to just fall forward. I mean it was hilarious, it was one of those moments when you could see her eyeing it up, thinking about it and make the decision, so funny! She didn't cry or complain, just was pretty excited to get the remote. I wonder what did babies do before remotes and cordless phones, what held their interest?
Another story, food related. Miss Gwen is not really into the sippy cup, drinking from a class, yes, sippy cup, no. Yesterday I put the glass down and went to get her food, turned around (I had put the glass slightly out of reach, but apparently not far enough) she grabbed it and started drinking!

Later that same day, she drank from the glass again, but got so excited, she spilled it everywhere! I don't think she yet realizes that if she turns the class over it makes her wet, actually I don't think she cares. No cause and effect reasoning for Gwen yet.

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