Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Since I know you love the posts about the eating, ok, I don't really, but I am going to post these pictures and video, 'cause they are cute!
Yesterday I made a new batch of pears because we are done with the other batch. Well, Miss Gwen decided to assert her authority and refuse them. Maybe that is not what happened, I like to let Gwen explore the textures of her food, since she is little and she seems to enjoy it. Well, she got a little carried away and this is what happened.
Did you see the pear on the fridge?
This is what she thought about it!

Later that day I had an apple. Here is the video of her sharing that with me. You also get to see 'crinkle nose' which makes it difficult to get her picture taken. She does that all the time now!
She became very thirsty after that, since she is a big girl, she wanted to drink out of my glass.

Today we tried butternut squash again. She didn't seem much enthused about it, until I let her explore the texture.

Lifting the bowl to her mouth is cute at home, but in public/at restaurants, probably isn't going to be so cute.

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