Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The meeting

Well, we FINALLY met baby Riley. Unfortunately, I didn't even get to hold her or anything, but I saw her. But, I am convinced that Miss Gwen was never that small. Actually, I know that she was, but she was in utero when she was that small, and I didn't get to hold at that age. Riley was sleeping when we got there, she woke up, ate and went back to sleep. Gwen entertained Brian and Reyna by being overtired from refusing to nap. What a pain! She took a long time to get to sleep tonight, was the banging from her parents working on the hardwood floor keeping her awake? But, anyway, here is a picture of Gwen with Chloe, she was very patient with Gwen. No pictures of Riley and Gwen yet, but maybe one day!

So now we have a third of the dining room done. This might possibly be the longest month, we'll see.
Today during bath time we tried to see if Gwen knows her name yet. She often turns when you say her name, is that because you say her name or because you are talking and she is interested in that. We tried to do that. Eric decided to do a control, he said 'Hey stinkbutt', she turned to Eric. I said 'hey stinkbutt', she turned to me, but she didn't necessarily turn when we said Gwen. The question is does she think her name is hey, because I am not convinced she knows her name is Gwen.

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