Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting ready to crawl?

Well, maybe, but she is going to possibly start crawling backwards. I couldn't really get a good shoot, but she is starting to lift up her butt and get her knees under her, but so far she only goes backwards. And I think most of her movement comes from when she lifts up with her arms. She probably could have gotten pretty far as you see from these pictures except I had her pretty close to the flooring.

This is her latest thing, she is really starting to crane her neck around. At times, she almost looks like she is trying to touch her butt with her head. Silly girl.
So, for archival purposes, this is our progress on the hardwood floors. We possibly finished 3 feet today, (never really measured yesterday) after Eric finished work, gosh he is a hard worker! At this rate we might finish the dining room before this weekend. That would be awesome. It would be great if we could finish this project before Eric starts classes, that only leaves us 2 weekends.

I have to say I am SO excited about the flooring. The floor looks so great, I think we are both very happy with the color we picked out.

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