Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're back!

Hallelujah! We didn't think we would make it out but we did! Our flight out of El Paso was canceled. They put us on a 4pm flight getting into Reagan at 12:30am. I begged the man, what can you do for me, I have a baby and I don't want to be getting back that late. Our original flight was at 12:50p. We had already been on the road since 9am. UGH! So he got us standby for the 2:25 flight and we got on...we were so excited! We flew to Houston and our flight was to leave at 7p. As you all might now, Houston was/is having pretty bad weather, and the plane had to be deiced, the pilot said it would be 5 minutes. 4 hours later we were finally in the air. By the time we got home it was 4:30am. When we were walking down to pick up the luggage we heard that the flight they had booked us on if we didn't got on the standby flight would have gotten in at 5am, which probably would have meant that we would have gotten stuck in rush hour traffic. So, in a couple days we will probably have updates on the trip, with pictures. We had a great time. Gwen was calm and didn't cry, better than Eric and I, I think.

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