Thursday, January 04, 2007

Elusive baby

Miss Gwen is still struggling to crawl and still doing that crazy looking up/behind her.
I have been trying to get a picture of her look of determination, I don't think this picture shows it, but I am getting there. Once I get a larger memory stick for my camera, hopefully I'll be able to capture the elusive look of determination and butt in the air.
Gwen has some new toys. I think she likes all these new toys, plus it allows us variety during play time.
She holds these balls with her fingertips, pretty funny.
Here is our progress, pretty good, I think. We only have about 4 feet left in the dining room! Pretty soon we will be able to party! Tonight was pretty difficult, we had to work out that floor outlet, we have another to work out tomorrow night.
Oh, and as a clarification-Gwen does not respond to stink, stinkbutt or any other smelly nickname. She is still not responding to her name either.

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