Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Duck Race

E and I found out that we could take the bikes are ride downtown, while we were downtown we found out they were going to have the duck races. E got excited, we should go to the duck races. So, we planned to go, we talked it up to the kids, they got excited. Especially Nate, he kept asking all day, to go to the duck races. But, that was a busy day for us, Eric had to work that day, but we did manage to make it about 5 minutes before the race started. We missed all the fun stuff, family activites but we made it to the bouncy house, so all was not lost, at least in the kids mind. They tried to keep it entertaining for the parents also, they had announcers, from the local tv station, they made lots of duck jokes.

The race was for a good cause, well 3 good causes. You could purchase a duck from one of 3 causes then you could decorate it, there was a decorating contest. The first 3 individual and corporate ducks won prizes. They had people in the "river" helping the ducks finish so that you could claim your ducks. Seemed like a fun time. Maybe next year we will make it for more of the fun during the day.

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