Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An overdue update

Hello, how's it been going? You good, I'm great, thanks for asking. Things have been rather different around here. I haven't had my laptop for a week or so, the back hinge broke, fortunately we have the accidental warranty on it, so I got the email today, they decided to replace it instead of fix it! WOHOO! The process of getting the actual computer was quite INVOLVED! I am telling you, it took 2 hours, should it have taken that long? I think not. But the kids behaved remarkably well, as did Eric! It ended up being an upgrade and we had to pay some money, and we repurchased the extended warranty, but it was way less than buying me a new laptop even when we included the warranty! YAY! I think that laptop was about to die anyway, and well, now I hopefully won't have to worry about that for a while! I have also been going to the gym with my new friend. Man am I glad I met her, the gym membership is also probably the best money we ever spent. It is so great for me to get out of the house in the evening meet with my friend (most nights) and get some exercise. I get some much needed girl time and I am so energized and happier. We are going to try a Zumba class which I suspect is going to be hilarious, us 2 old farts and a bunch of college girls is what I am picturing! I think we are going to be in the back giggling, but we'll see!
So, thought you would like to see what else has been going on around here. A major case of the cabin fever. We haven't seen much of people you know people we could talk to, or really been spending much time outside in the elements, it has been rainy and today I was hopeful until I stepped outside and felt the frigid air. UGH! I am hoping for better days to come, I've heard the spring is lovely. Of course if I was in MD I would be under 3+ ft of snow. But I don't think that would be that bad for us, with the Jeep and the walking distance to grocery store we probably would have been able to get out and at least we could have played in the snow.
I digressed and didn't get to the actual pictures, so I'll try again. While I was getting ready to take the kids to the grocery store this is what I found:

Yes, that is my son using the chair as a slide. Would you say he is really into sliding right now? We went to the play area at the mall the other day and he was going down that slide like a is rather step and he has been avoiding it for a little while, and yesterday he went in, slid, ran back around and would go again, this was at least 5 minutes, maybe more, and if you know 20mon olds, this is a long time! One of the other Mothers even commented to me about how he seemed to be enjoying himself and how her 17month old wouldn't go near it.
Gwen and Nate have been playing really well together, Nate appears to be getting used to the fact that Gwen wants hugs and today when he got up from his nap he let her give him a hug. This is a big step for us, Nate doesn't really like Gwen to touch him. I think she has been rather pushy and pully with him, he's not fond of that at all.
Can I tell you now nice this new computer is, dude all the keys work! (some of them would require more work to get them to type)
Well, going to bed now, more later.

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Mommy Daisy said...

That's what I need...a gym buddy. We just upgraded to a family membership, so I could go. They have free daycare in the mornings and evenings, and I love that. But it's still not the same. I need to find a friend to go along, now that would be fun.