Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits*

  • I just got the call from the preschool, Gwen has been accepted! I have just finished the paperwork for the financial aide forms!
  • Federal tax returns come back very quickly, we have already sent in all tax forms and received our refund! The state of MD is the same, still waiting on NC...(a sigh of relief was probably just heard in several households that know our current living situation!)
  • The weekend was lovely hear, 60s, a lot of time was spent outside and our kids were exhausted
  • We had our last music "class" Monday, we are all sad because our neighbors who were hosting the class are moving to a new neighborhood and they will be sorely missed!
  • Our washer is making a terrible noise and I'd like to take it apart and try to fix it, but am nervous about that since my alone time is so limited with the 2 little ones at home
  • I have begun spending most evenings away from home, at the gym and Mom's group activities, I have lost 5lbs so far, but will not be able to continue track the weight loss since Nate broke the scale, this time beyond repair I am afraid to say.
  • The bulbs that I planted after we moved in are starting to come up, seems spring is on its way here.
  • I have moved Gwen's clothes off the hangers into a dresser in their room that I had been using for clothes that were still too big, Gwen for a while has been taking them out and putting them on, so now we go out in public with a child dressed in the most unusual outfits, which is a trial for me, but hopefully the ability to chose for herself will allow her to feel some more independence. I just hope I can last through this mismatch stage...
  • I am quite addicted to the exclamation mark, I think I use it too much, but I feel when I am typing things out it is far preferable to use the exclamation point to the caps.

*Idea taken from Two Princesses and a Pirate...thanks Beth!

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Mommy Daisy said...

Hey, good job on the weight loss.

Also, my son dresses himself too. Some days, like today it works. Other days it doesn't. And once in a while it's so bad I make him chance before leaving the house. ;)