Monday, March 01, 2010

New things

When we decided to take the leap and move and the hubby would go back to school. The first months where tough, we expected that, we knew they would be. But, you can never really prepare yourself, can you. We also know if we could get through to this time we would be sitting easier and we are. I just had no idea that this would mean I would gain SO much weight. UGH! But, as the stress is alleviating itself some, so has the weight started to come off. Now we have a little more money we finally got the one thing I have had on the todo list for awhile! Do you know what this box means? Yes, a toy for the kids! (I seriously have no idea why Nate needs to wear the helmet, but he loves to wear it constantly saying "buckle, buckle" and then has to hold the thing up because it is too big for his head!) Ok, not a toy an over the counter microwave! WE LOVE IT! It has added counter space for me, see that counter space there, by the fridge, totally taken up by the previous microwave...
YAY! Can I tell you how fabulous it is to be married to someone who can make this happen, so quickly? (even when he had to run to the store and pick up stuff to put in an outlet!) I need LOTS of counter top space, I love to cook and I kept running out of space, keeping things out of Nate's hands and allowing Gwen to help was getting to be a challenge (plus Nate could reach up and turn on the microwave so that safety hazard, removed!) I'll wager it will still be a challenge to keep stuff out of Nate's hands, but it might be easier, I hope, even if it isn't love the extra space!
In other news, both kids have colds, I was thinking Nate was starting to get better this weekend and then the cough started, not a bad cough really, but this morning he sounded very much like he has mucous in the lungs. He seems fine now, but let's just say both kids could probably use about 3 more hours of sleep than they are currently getting, of course they are both rather stubborn, so that doesn't help. I am hoping to take them out to hang with kids again soon, but not real sure how long colds are contagious.
As I think I might have mentioned last week, Gwen got into the preschool we applied for. We are pretty excited (well, I am!) that she will be going to preschool next year, as long as we get the financial aide. We found out that this year, unlike previous years the kids are asked to come in for a mini-preschool day with their teachers and 3 other students. I am a little nervous about this and called the teacher to explain to her that this is going to be a complete unknown to us how Gwen will react. My neighbor (that I cat-sit for) is kind enough to come over and stay with Nate while he is hopefully napping, since it is during his nap time! I like to only disrupt one kids schedule at a time, if possible! I know that Gwen will love school, it is just getting her used to it, a big change for her and a big change for us, a change for the better though, I hope!
I have also started digging in the yard for my new garden, the hubby thinks I'm nuts, but I was bored, and thought maybe I could start conditioning the dirt for the plants I will hopefully be planting sometime soon. I think April-ish is the time to do that around here, I have my seeds and a little greenhouse for the seeds that should start inside. It is a very exciting time indeed, I've never had a garden and have always wanted to try and grow my own food. I think I will be doing some more research about my plants and their soil conditions I would like to have success in my first real vegetable garden, we'll see how it goes.

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